A Year in Film: A Hollywood Suite Podcast


2000 — Godzilla 2000 & Dracula 2000: The Millennial Monster (feat. Justin Decloux and Will Sloan)

Season 2, Ep. 21

Important Cinema Club co-hosts Justin Decloux and Will Sloan team up with Becky to investigate two very different reworkings of the Classic Movie Monster: Godzilla 2000 and Dracula 2000. Justin Decloux is one of the hosts of the Important Cinema Club podcast, as well as a director, author, movie lover and Toronto cinema culture devotee. Justin's first feature film Teddy Bomb (2014) is currently available on Blu-Ray and digital streaming platforms. His second feature film Impossible Horror (2017) is available on Blu-Ray. He is author of Radioactive Dreams: The Cinema of Albert Pyun, and is co-author of The Important Cinema Club Journal No. 1 Will is a writer and reporter, working with York UniversityRyerson University, and the Woolwich Observer. He also co-host the podcasts The Important Cinema Club, along with Justin Decloux, as well as Michael and Us. As a freelance writer and journalist, he has written for NPRHarper'sToronto LifeCurrent Affairs, The Globe & MailThe Believer, and many others. 

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