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1985 —  Desperately Seeking Susan & Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome: 80s Music Idols (feat. Sydney Urbanek)

Season 4, Ep. 10

Sydney Urbanek hits the studio with Becky and Cam as they revisit two 1985 films that turned pop stars into movie stars: Desperately Seeking Susan (directed by Susan Seidelman, starring Madonna) and Mad Mad Beyond Thunderdome (directed by George Miller and George Ogilvie, starring Tina Turner). Sydney is a freelance writer and editor based out of Toronto, and a contributing editor at Bright Wall/Dark Room. As a former graduate student in Cinema Studies, she writes mostly about things at the intersection of pop music and moving images, and especially how the music and film worlds are tangled together. Some of that writing happens in her newsletter Mononym Mythology, where she goes long on things like pop stars, MTV, and the visual album. Her work has otherwise appeared in CBC Arts, Billboard, the Guardian, Sight and Sound, and elsewhere.

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2010 — Burlesque & Elektra Luxx: Erotica (feat. Laura Desiree)

Season 4, Ep. 22
Becky and Alicia invite Laura Desiree to the AYIF stage to discuss the silly, yet sultry Burlesque and Elektra Luxx. Raised on a healthy diet of classic hollywood cinema and her father’s room-sized vinyl collection, Laura Desiree has always had curiosity for all things sex and sensuality. While attending The New York Film Academy in 2008, she was seduced by nightclub culture and spent the next 5 years as a bar top Go-Go dancer and Burlesque Performer touring the USA, Canada and Europe. In 2013, Laura relocated to her home Toronto, Canada to create erotic art performances for the stage as the Creative Director at Toronto's Candyland. In 2016 Laura joined the web + TV series Naked News as their lead anchor, credited show writer and segment producer. Laura has produced a number of series for the network’s Love, Sex and Culture segments, including investigations into sexual behaviors, trends in sex and the pursuit of great sex. She has interviewed adult industry performers and leading medical experts around the world and covered events including the AVN Awards, Pornhub Awards, XBiz Awards and Toronto International Film Festival. Laura was one of the hosts and creators of the CAM4 podcast A Mouthful with Laura + Romi, found on all streaming platforms. Her current podcast Licked&Loaded features weekly episodes all in favor of prioritizing pleasure! Laura's latest YouTube series Red Umbrella Talk is a 5-part talk show filmed at New York’s Museum of Sex, that breaks down the misconceptions of Sex Work by presenting questions from the general public to actual industry service providers. Check out the full series on YouTube today!