Aware Podcast



Season 1, Ep. 7

Our guest this week was hilariously talking from her bright coloured wardrobe, which matched her energy and positivity. Rachel owned her own marketing business in New Zealand that came to a grinding holt as she realised her business values were not her own. She realised the hard way that people-pleasing was causing ALL the problems in her business, Starting from scratch she offered to re-do all the work she felt was inadequate for her clients (for free!). It was at this moment of becoming truly aware of who she had been and who she needed to become that changed her life, leadership and business.Identify Marketing is a new start with healthy boundaries. She shares what she learnt, how she sorted it out and isn't afraid to open up about what she is still struggling with. Her podcast,Talking Better Business is part of her new horizon as a business woman celebrating her own awareness.

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