Aware Podcast



Season 1, Ep. 8

Alan Sacharowitz began his career back in his University days, he was studying Psychology and Marketing at UNSW and it was here where he became a qualified PT on the side, this was not only a skill he used to pay his way through his studies but a passion he'd loop back to later on in life.moved around his career looking for a real purpose, not feeling like he was in the right lane. When he accidently walked into a psychology class instead of a philosophy class he stumbled upon something exciting. His interest in people and technology started a journey of entrepreneurship. On a flight back from Germany he and his business partner, Dani Carr designed a cycling product for everyone, taking the mundane cycling experience to a boutique speciality. Alan talks about drifting in career paths until he found what he loved and was good at. The next stage is getting used to finding the spotlight and sitting in the discomfort of being seen. Light hearted and a deep thinker Alan is open and real about being a multi-pod or as he calls it, a divergent thinker and the value of support from family and friends to find your right lane.

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