Aware Podcast

In this global podcast Nicky Mackie (Business Coach) and Sarah Godfrey (Psychologist and Coach) chat to inspirational guests who have all had a breakthrough moment in life, leadership or business. Their stories inspire, challenge and leave us awe struck how brilliant and brave people really are in life. From the Boston terror attacks, writing books, 9/11 research, finding spirituality, overcoming illness or financial ruin, starting a charity at 14 or just getting WOKE, we all learn and dig deep to discover what really matters. Nicky and Sarah share their insight and own hurdles in these moments of courage with their guests bringing laughter, tears and self awareness. The long hard grind to becoming aware is full of struggles and success, but most importantly when shared, can inspire and motivate others to keep going. A fresh, raw and real look at all things human and how the path to self awareness is never straight foreword. Fresh, vibrant and insightful, join Aware to learn more about yourself and others than you thought possible.