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  • 20. A Meditation To Help Heal Your Heart

    Are you carrying grief in your heart? This episode is a gentle meditation to help ease the grief in your heart for the holidays and beyond;) DO NOT listen to this while driving a vehicle, operating machinery or taking a bath. This meditation will work best if you listen to it frequently as it gradually eases suppressed emotions and energy from your mind, body, heart and soul...huge hugs to you!!!

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  • 19. Navigating Light At Christmas With An Empty Chair

    The holidays can be tough for anyone who has had a loss recently, or many years ago. This episode gives you some gentle guidance on how to empower yourself to heal and find meaning over the holidays...which may even liberate your heart to find some joy during the season. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to heal, to express and to be open to receive help from others. You can save $100 off of Grow Through Grief with the discount code GTG100 if you go to valid December 21 and December 22. This program is yours for life once you register and you can even use it with your loved ones through the holidays and beyond. If you need to reach out to book a session, feel welcome to email us at are truly loved and never alone;) Holding you in my heart and prayers! Look out for the meditation on Thursday that I will record on the podcast to help you get through the holidays if you are dealing with grief. I love you!! Merry Christmas and God Bless.
  • 18. Grief: Our Deepest Teacher

    This episode is a deep share from my heart...a little passionate;) We THINK we have time. We ONLY have now...I share my heart with you in this episode and some encouragement to make things right before it is too late. If you are dealing with grief, trauma or if you need guidance to take your life to the next level, reach out for a discounted package of healing (3 sessions on zoom for $333 USD...less than half the regular price!!) Limited time offer and limited spots available. Email or text 1-705-264-2100. For Ascension Coaching discount and application, go to LOVE YOU. Your time is not waste your life.
  • 17. How We Can Create Peace On Earth

    Many people are living in fear more than ever due to the nuclear threats in this world...Throughout this episode, I share some powerful ways to live in faith over fear and how we can radiate peace throughout our beautiful will know you are not alone and how powerful you really are.
  • 16. How The Power Of Gratitude Deepens Your Faith

    We have SO much to be grateful for! We take the tiniest miracles for granted, that are actually THE most significant things to appreciate! We take life for granted, people, challenges that help us grow into who we are destined to be! In this episode, I will show you ways to use gratitude as a gateway to deepen your faith and how your life will benefit and transform from these simple yet powerful practices. I love you and I am SO grateful for YOU. Bless you!! Thank you for being here;)
  • 15. Navigating The Divine Plan For Your Life

    This week, I will go deeper into the actual steps you must take to connect to your Creator/God and be in consistent flow with his instructions and guidance to fulfil your Soul's calling...your destiny which only YOUR Soul can fulfil in this life! Do not die with your music still in is time to LIVE your life...your true calling!In this episode, starting at 3:04, I share several steps you need to integrate into your life so you will align your heart with the heart of God...Are you ready to live your truth?
  • 14. God Has A Plan For Your Life

    This episode is a quick listen that starts the conversation and shares an example that sometimes God has a much better plan for something in your life than you can imagine. I share some opportunities to help you to shift your career or purpose and also how you may learn to heal, grow and thrive in the flow with God's Divine plan he has in store for you! Maybe...just maybe you were born for this great time of awakening to help heal Humanity and create a new loving earth.