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How Becoming a Bestselling Author Up-Levels Your Business

Season 2, Ep. 2

On this episode, Terry Wildemann interviews Dina Marais on "How Becoming a Bestselling Author Up-Levels Your Business" Dina is the founder of Soul Purpose Publishing and Coaching. She is a 3-time Amazon International Bestselling Author, Publisher of the #1 Bestselling Multi-author book; My Mess is My Message and creator of the My Mess is My Message Summit.


She works with successful entrepreneurs to elevate their brand,

visibility, income, and impact by becoming a bestselling author. She publishes

multi-author, solo, and collaboration books.

As a Certified Quantum Leap Transformation Coach, Dina

specializes in Soul-Alignment for Business Success. With 2 decades of

neuro-coaching experience and her own journey of healing the fear of

unworthiness, she believes that this is the biggest obstacle to success. She

created the 5 Steps to Manifest a New Reality as a process and system that she

uses to support authors to make a profit from their books. Dina is currently

putting together her next multi-author bestselling book, Success with Source –

learn from women who practice vibrational alignment in their business.


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