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6 Pillars To Get Joy, Energy And Your Life Back

Season 1, Ep. 27

Awaken The Possibilities Guest: Annie Gaudreaul


In episode 27 of the new Awaken The Possibilities Podcast, Host Terry Wildemann interviews Annie Gaudreault in “6 Pillars To Get Joy, Energy And Your Life Back”. Awaken the Possibilities Podcast features successful entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders who offer insights on how to attract success in business and life.




About Annie Gaudreault

Annie Gaudreault's career spans 25 years in the public relations, design & branding industries servicing Fortune 500 clients such as Nestlé, Molson and McCain Foods.

Embodying a contagious zeal in living life to its fullest, she practices what she preaches. An accomplished endurance athlete, Annie has completed over 10 marathons including the prestigious Boston Marathon as well as 3 long distance triathlon Ironman competitions. She has done so while living with Cystic Fibrosis, genetic disease that affects the pancreas and the lungs.

To further her passion in the health and wellness area, she recently graduated as a holistic nutritionist. As such she founded VEEV, dedicated to support the health of middle-aged women live with vitality and strength.

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About Terry Wildemann:


Terry Wildemann is the owner of Intuitive Leadership® and a Business and Resilience Accelerator, Speaker and Certified Executive Coach.


Terry's specialty is working with tired, unhealthy, close-to-burned-out entrepreneurs and professionals and helps them leap off the stress hamster wheel. They evolve into unstoppable stress resilient intuitive leaders and practical business mystics. Terry’s timely message guides clients and students to integrate intuition, stress resilience, positive communications and leadership with grounded business systems to achieve success by positively serving and influencing others. Her leadership experience includes owning a manufacturing company, image consulting company, leadership and holistic education center.


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Terry Wildemann: Welcome everyone to awaken the possibilities Podcast. I'm your host, Terry will determine, you know, every once in a while, we come across someone who does extraordinary things.



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Terry Wildemann: My guests all have done extraordinary things and bring with them their insights their values and power for powerful stories.



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Terry Wildemann: To help you make leap in whatever that is holding you back and trust me. Today's guest is no different.



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Terry Wildemann: This is a lady who has such a powerful story of how she overcame health challenges to help her become a remarkable person who supports women.



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Terry Wildemann: And the aging process is that piqued your interest. Well, and certainly piqued mine. When she reached out to be on the show. I like to introduce you to an ego drone that I pronounce that correctly. Any



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annie Gaudreault: Beautiful.



00:01:03.810 --> 00:01:05.550

Terry Wildemann: Thank you. Yeah, I did it again.



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annie Gaudreault: You did.



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Terry Wildemann: And his career spans 25 years in the public relations design and branding industries servicing fortune 500 clients, such as Nestle Molson and McCain foods.



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Terry Wildemann: embodying a contagious zeal in living life to its fullest. She practices. What she preaches. And isn't that refreshing people



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Terry Wildemann: And accomplished endurance athlete and he has now completed over 10 marathons, including the prestigious Boston Marathon, as well as three long distance triathlon Iron Man competitions.



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Terry Wildemann: She has done so while living with listen to this, folks, while living with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that affects the pancreas, and the lungs.



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Terry Wildemann: To further her passion in the health and wellness area. She recently graduated as a holistic nutritionist and she founded Wiig that's V e VI.



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Terry Wildemann: Dedicated to support the health of middle aged women live are to help support the health of middle aged women live with vitality and strength. Welcome to the show, Annie.



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annie Gaudreault: Thank you for having me.



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Terry Wildemann: Well, you know, when I read that you have cystic fibrosis and that you are a runner, as I ok i'm going to know how she does that, I want to know.



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Terry Wildemann: First of all, your story of how you were diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and how you were able to use sports and athletics in your athleticism to help you be the strong vital amazing woman that you are today.



00:02:54.900 --> 00:03:14.760

annie Gaudreault: Well, I was diagnosed as a baby and and following a few months of clearly showing some symptoms and this was in rural Quebec in north of Canada and my parents moved to a bigger urban center, which had proper hospitals, so that I could receive treatments.



00:03:15.960 --> 00:03:19.890

annie Gaudreault: In a way, you know, faith already had decided that



00:03:21.000 --> 00:03:34.410

annie Gaudreault: This disease was not going to be the focus of the family because unfortunately my mother was suffering from bipolar disorder. And back then, we knew very little about mental illnesses.



00:03:35.550 --> 00:03:46.410

annie Gaudreault: And it was a little bit. Well, first of all, you kept you know you brushed under the carpet and you know everybody received value them. And were you were sent on your merry way.



00:03:46.530 --> 00:03:47.400

Terry Wildemann: Yes, you are.



00:03:48.090 --> 00:03:53.310

annie Gaudreault: Right. And of course you know that's 52 years ago now.



00:03:53.400 --> 00:03:56.580

Terry Wildemann: Diane was really big drug when we were growing up.



00:03:56.910 --> 00:04:01.560

annie Gaudreault: Yes. And, you know, either you are not on it or you are completely passed out.



00:04:02.070 --> 00:04:03.150

annie Gaudreault: It was it was



00:04:04.290 --> 00:04:07.830

Terry Wildemann: Not like candy is what gotta be kidding me.



00:04:08.550 --> 00:04:18.900

annie Gaudreault: They had no tools, no education really to treat these types of conditions right and I'm not even sure that back then, she was really diagnosed properly, to be honest with you.



00:04:19.320 --> 00:04:30.060

annie Gaudreault: So, you know, moving forward, there was little capacity for self indulging often when you are diagnosed as a person.



00:04:30.450 --> 00:04:44.370

annie Gaudreault: It becomes the entire focus, you're no longer a person that happens to have red hair you becoming the red hair and that's a lot of what happens. I believe in the psychology of disease.



00:04:44.490 --> 00:04:45.870

annie Gaudreault: Right. Um,



00:04:46.740 --> 00:05:02.820

annie Gaudreault: And of course, I know you're very familiar with that. So I did not understand that at the time, but this was a gift in disguise. You know, I had yes some issues and i i certainly was a lot a kid that was a lot more sick than other kids.



00:05:03.960 --> 00:05:19.920

annie Gaudreault: But I really kind of had to pick myself up and I really had to focus on what can I do, how can I overcome this and really never really talked about it, even when I was going through difficult times.



00:05:20.580 --> 00:05:22.410

annie Gaudreault: I never dare talked about it because



00:05:22.470 --> 00:05:29.910

annie Gaudreault: I knew that we were dealing with and I did not know what it was, but I knew we were dealing with something that was way bigger in my mother's struggle.



00:05:30.150 --> 00:05:30.990

Terry Wildemann: For sure.



00:05:31.620 --> 00:05:47.010

annie Gaudreault: Right. So I think that that was the setup for a little bit of, you know, I've been told, Well, maybe you weren't denial and I don't think I was ever in denial. I think I always thought this thing is not going to define who I am.



00:05:48.300 --> 00:05:49.500

annie Gaudreault: right from the get go.



00:05:49.950 --> 00:05:50.460

Terry Wildemann: And that



00:05:51.270 --> 00:05:53.340

Terry Wildemann: mindset is huge.



00:05:54.120 --> 00:05:54.840

annie Gaudreault: I think so.



00:05:55.050 --> 00:06:05.880

Terry Wildemann: Congratulations, that is increments. Because those of us who end up with diseases, you're absolutely right. We get defined by our disease, instead of who we are as a human being.



00:06:06.690 --> 00:06:09.390

annie Gaudreault: Absolutely, absolutely, and received today.



00:06:09.510 --> 00:06:10.470

Terry Wildemann: Nice that



00:06:12.060 --> 00:06:22.230

annie Gaudreault: I i think i was much older. But I knew intuitively as a teenager, because I never spoke of it. I never, never spoke of it. I never spoke of it.



00:06:23.490 --> 00:06:30.390

annie Gaudreault: I would say into my early 20s, I just I focused on what are the things that I could do



00:06:30.780 --> 00:06:42.420

annie Gaudreault: My mother was struggling a lot more at that time. And one of my brothers definitely got that gene as well, and was struggling also with mental illness. So honestly, I felt that



00:06:43.170 --> 00:06:52.350

annie Gaudreault: I just needed to move forward and and you know I had my own my own personal issues that I was working out as a young adult right so



00:06:52.590 --> 00:06:53.640

Terry Wildemann: We all have those



00:06:54.480 --> 00:06:58.290

annie Gaudreault: Exactly, you know, kind of discovering what I want to do with my life.



00:07:00.030 --> 00:07:01.860

annie Gaudreault: What is this life going to be



00:07:03.330 --> 00:07:05.910

Terry Wildemann: And how am I going to be in it.



00:07:06.570 --> 00:07:09.390

annie Gaudreault: Yes. How do I choose to be defined



00:07:09.870 --> 00:07:10.590

annie Gaudreault: And how do I



00:07:10.950 --> 00:07:23.010

annie Gaudreault: How do I want to be known as because when people got and been very upset with me with how come I've never known that you had cf. How come I did not know that you were born with this and that you struggle with this.



00:07:23.430 --> 00:07:30.780

annie Gaudreault: I often would say because often it came with I feel sorry for you or poor, you



00:07:32.010 --> 00:07:32.370

annie Gaudreault: Like



00:07:32.730 --> 00:07:33.150

When I was



00:07:34.470 --> 00:07:35.250

Terry Wildemann: Back up a moment.



00:07:35.880 --> 00:07:40.560

Terry Wildemann: People were upset that you didn't tell them that you had CF



00:07:41.370 --> 00:07:43.800

Terry Wildemann: Absolutely. Okay.



00:07:45.060 --> 00:07:45.750

Terry Wildemann: Why



00:07:47.190 --> 00:07:47.880

Terry Wildemann: Don't get it.



00:07:48.570 --> 00:07:59.220

annie Gaudreault: I guess they felt that it was something that they believe was a very important trait or quality or characteristic that I had a so called hidden from them.



00:08:00.870 --> 00:08:18.030

annie Gaudreault: And that I had to hold may be withheld some information. You know I never looked at it that way. I always thought I'll be damned if I'm described and refer that you know that girl that's got cf. No, I did not want that to be



00:08:18.060 --> 00:08:21.150

Terry Wildemann: You know, frankly, it's none of their flaming business.



00:08:22.380 --> 00:08:23.220

annie Gaudreault: Very true.



00:08:23.580 --> 00:08:34.230

Terry Wildemann: It is none of their business what you choose to tell people, and what you choose to not tell people you were being authentic with yourself.



00:08:34.410 --> 00:08:34.830

Terry Wildemann: Mm hmm.



00:08:35.190 --> 00:08:41.790

Terry Wildemann: And I think somebody with who you are. Oh my gosh, I, I'm blown away. I'm



00:08:41.850 --> 00:08:42.480

annie Gaudreault: All



00:08:42.630 --> 00:08:45.660

Terry Wildemann: The way that people would get upset that you didn't tell them UNC



00:08:46.680 --> 00:08:47.550

annie Gaudreault: Very much so.



00:08:48.210 --> 00:08:48.780

Terry Wildemann: To me.



00:08:50.310 --> 00:08:53.160

Terry Wildemann: That says to me that the issue is more with them and it is with you.



00:08:54.000 --> 00:08:56.310

annie Gaudreault: Yes, and also



00:08:57.480 --> 00:09:15.270

annie Gaudreault: You always have to put yourself in the person's shoes first. Right. And when you start telling people what it's like to live with a disease and then to have grown up with mental illness and to have an unavailable parent and that was far more challenging than living with CF



00:09:15.870 --> 00:09:16.200

Terry Wildemann: I've had



00:09:16.650 --> 00:09:25.560

annie Gaudreault: Far scarier. So I, you know, when you start to understand that to me you quickly understand and get it.



00:09:26.070 --> 00:09:39.930

annie Gaudreault: Right, it makes sense. It makes sense. This was a. This was a small thing that was going on and we felt that we had some tools and resources to deal with it. Whereas the mental illness. We were ill equipped and it was so taboo.



00:09:41.550 --> 00:09:56.940

annie Gaudreault: Right, so I felt I feel that this was my journey. And thankfully, this happened and it happened in a good way. And I'm glad because it made me far more resilient.



00:09:58.560 --> 00:10:03.690

Terry Wildemann: Wow. So when did your athletic athletic endeavors start



00:10:04.920 --> 00:10:22.620

annie Gaudreault: You know, very late actually because I did grow up being told all the time. You're fragile you're, you know, as I said, you get labeled right. You're fired. Job don't to go and do this now. My mother didn't have too much of that attitude because



00:10:23.850 --> 00:10:27.810

annie Gaudreault: She felt I think perhaps as she's passed. So I'm going to, you know,



00:10:29.220 --> 00:10:40.830

annie Gaudreault: Guess here, I believe that she felt that I could probably have the life that I want that you probably saw in me already, then right as a mother, the potential that I had



00:10:41.280 --> 00:10:54.180

annie Gaudreault: So she did not stop me too much. But in general, you know, this was the message that was being told. So I did not believe that had too much athletic ability until interestingly enough, I was in the workforce.



00:10:54.810 --> 00:11:07.860

annie Gaudreault: And I was working all the time and I became quite stressed and somebody suggested we should start running. And I thought, Oh, my God. They don't know about my lungs. But I thought



00:11:08.940 --> 00:11:10.410

annie Gaudreault: What do I have to lose.



00:11:10.680 --> 00:11:20.310

annie Gaudreault: Exactly. And the reason that I picked running was the fact that you had. You don't need any special duties to run. It's a very democratic sport.



00:11:20.940 --> 00:11:30.180

annie Gaudreault: Right, you don't need to be talented and coordinated right. I was just like, well, I should be able to manage that even if I ran slower. Lots of people run slow



00:11:30.660 --> 00:11:46.230

annie Gaudreault: And that's how it started. I, I just would go alone on and here in Toronto. With this beautiful boardwalk that you know is along Lake Ontario. It's gorgeous. And I thought, well, I live here. I have access to this. Why don't I give it a try.



00:11:47.430 --> 00:11:51.990

annie Gaudreault: So that's how it started. And interestingly enough, I guess, because I had been



00:11:53.250 --> 00:12:00.540

annie Gaudreault: I think I had been quite a bit of a Taipei. I thought, well, I need a goal. I need a distance. I need a race and



00:12:02.160 --> 00:12:02.850

annie Gaudreault: Started



00:12:04.080 --> 00:12:15.990

annie Gaudreault: That's how it started. And I did most of the initial stuff on my own. And then after you know 10 K's and half marathon. I thought, of course, I have to do a marathon.



00:12:16.470 --> 00:12:24.210

annie Gaudreault: And then I joined a group and then I tell you it's like I drink Kool Aid and I was like in heaven. If I this is it. I met my tribe.



00:12:24.510 --> 00:12:28.530

Terry Wildemann: So what was it like running your first five k



00:12:30.240 --> 00:12:33.990

annie Gaudreault: It was magical. I had never been part of a sports team.



00:12:35.310 --> 00:12:44.310

annie Gaudreault: I had never been part of a group that did something together. And interestingly enough, running as an individual sport.



00:12:44.790 --> 00:13:05.460

annie Gaudreault: But all the training and the racing is extremely communal every year there are no strangers. Everybody is a friend. And I thought, oh my god i wanted i want to be this all the time. It is wonderful. It is addictive and I just loved it. I just loved it. There was no stopping from that moment.



00:13:06.150 --> 00:13:09.330

Terry Wildemann: Wow. And then what was it like when you ran your first marathon.



00:13:11.280 --> 00:13:34.770

annie Gaudreault: It was in Washington, DC, the Marine Corps marathon and it was in 2004 I loved. I loved the experience. It was a tough very hot day end of October is Hall Halloween day and it was the hottest stink. And it was hard, and it took me way longer than I thought. And



00:13:35.820 --> 00:13:37.500

annie Gaudreault: But I finished and



00:13:38.580 --> 00:13:51.240

annie Gaudreault: I you know it's not what happens at the marathon. That really was the key thing. It's the months after that I gave me wings and gave me new confidence.



00:13:51.690 --> 00:14:02.190

Terry Wildemann: Wow, I can only, but what did you feel like when I mean, how were your lungs. How was, you know, with CF even



00:14:03.270 --> 00:14:04.020

Terry Wildemann: A



00:14:05.730 --> 00:14:09.810

Terry Wildemann: You know, did it hold you back in any way because it doesn't sound like it did. Yeah.



00:14:10.230 --> 00:14:27.750

annie Gaudreault: I don't have the most amazing aerobic capacity, you know the volume, the ability to get a lot of the oxygen that normally would, you know, be coming into the blood. It's, it's definitely tampered but I'm able to do it. And remember, you know, you don't end up



00:14:29.070 --> 00:14:41.040

annie Gaudreault: running a marathon. You've got all that training. Right. I did all the training. I did everything that I was supposed to. So my lungs gain strength. They really do now.



00:14:42.780 --> 00:14:48.450

annie Gaudreault: No, I am not going to be recruited into the Olympics, but it doesn't matter.



00:14:48.690 --> 00:14:52.980

Terry Wildemann: It doesn't matter. You look at what you've accomplished and what it is that you're sharing with



00:14:52.980 --> 00:14:53.880

annie Gaudreault: Everybody



00:14:54.150 --> 00:15:07.560

Terry Wildemann: I mean this is just a remarkable story. And it's just really, really cool and a real lesson for those who are experiencing disease and how mindset can really be overcome.



00:15:08.790 --> 00:15:16.710

Terry Wildemann: Our mindset to really help to overcome any physical challenges you think you actually may have. I mean, look at what you've done and it's remarkable



00:15:17.730 --> 00:15:24.090

annie Gaudreault: And there are many, many, many examples, Terry of this you know all across our society.



00:15:24.540 --> 00:15:33.720

annie Gaudreault: Right, the psychology of belief is so powerful because i've you know became very interested in that later on. And the science is very clear.



00:15:34.410 --> 00:15:52.410

annie Gaudreault: That we put our own you know barriers we set our own limits and this in absolutely every area of our world, of course, you know, whether its financial or intellectual capacities, etc. There are many, many books that are scientifically.



00:15:53.460 --> 00:16:04.860

annie Gaudreault: You know base that talk about this. So to me it's just, I'm just one small example amongst you know so many people that I see having accomplished this



00:16:06.210 --> 00:16:10.920

Terry Wildemann: That's great. It really is and and I'm going to step back a bit.



00:16:11.040 --> 00:16:12.090

Terry Wildemann: You're saying that you're just



00:16:12.090 --> 00:16:24.360

Terry Wildemann: one small example I actually see you as a huge example because we hear these stories and hear these stories and hear these stories and yet we still sit



00:16:24.960 --> 00:16:47.850

Terry Wildemann: And we do nothing. We don't take the first step to own our own lives, until finally one special story or one special thing just connects with us so deeply that it's the story that you needed to hear. To get you off the stool.



00:16:49.200 --> 00:16:58.950

Terry Wildemann: To take that first step. So you don't know if your story could be that one one story that pushes somebody over the edge.



00:16:59.970 --> 00:17:11.250

Terry Wildemann: You know, so it's very special what you do. It's very, very special what you've accomplished and you've also accomplished something else you've gotten to the world of nutrition.



00:17:11.640 --> 00:17:22.590

Terry Wildemann: And women with aging. Can you tell me a little bit about that. I mean, that's very exciting. Hey, as a woman who is, you know, next, next birthday is coming around.



00:17:24.870 --> 00:17:33.030

Terry Wildemann: To hear what is it that got you into nutrition and working with women and aging.



00:17:35.130 --> 00:17:46.920

annie Gaudreault: So I, I got into running, although my world. My, my, you know, how is earning my life was as an executive, you know, working with consumer packaged goods.



00:17:47.580 --> 00:17:59.010

annie Gaudreault: You know, doing mostly packaging and branding and you know I was this weekend athlete that would devour these books and these magazines about health and fitness.



00:17:59.670 --> 00:18:13.410

annie Gaudreault: And when I did my first marathon. It was with a women's running group only and the camaraderie was amazing. And they asked me to come to come on later on as an assistant coach and then to start coaching that group.



00:18:14.100 --> 00:18:24.450

annie Gaudreault: And I had never understood the concept of vocation until that moment because to me, like the skies parted.



00:18:25.020 --> 00:18:30.870

annie Gaudreault: I thought this is the most gratifying, the most satisfying thing I have ever done.



00:18:31.380 --> 00:18:48.960

annie Gaudreault: To be able to lead to guide to show people that they can when their head is saying no. And, and I am leading them to, you know, showing them that it is possible and guiding them. It was magical. It was deeply spiritual



00:18:49.920 --> 00:18:55.920

annie Gaudreault: My problem with that job is that it was really not paying the bills. You know, it was a love



00:18:57.330 --> 00:18:58.590

annie Gaudreault: I really love passion.



00:18:59.970 --> 00:19:12.390

annie Gaudreault: But in the back of my mind. I thought I am going to find a way to find a purpose that aligns with these values that I have and I can earn a living and support myself, etc.



00:19:13.080 --> 00:19:20.640

annie Gaudreault: And it took me a while to do to be able to to figure it out. But after I did our man.



00:19:21.000 --> 00:19:33.060

annie Gaudreault: Funnily enough, people started to ask me to come and speak at their places of work or you know groups or networking groups about what it takes to train for an Iron Man while you run your business.



00:19:33.630 --> 00:19:41.100

annie Gaudreault: And I thought, Wow, just do the work and I started to break down. I started to learn. You know what was involved.



00:19:41.460 --> 00:19:49.410

annie Gaudreault: And I realized that I was able to speak a lot about it. But the one missing piece that I had that was missing was the whole nutrition side.



00:19:49.980 --> 00:20:03.150

annie Gaudreault: I was always winging it with my nutrition as trying to hear reading that adopting it. I didn't have the base. I didn't have the science. So that was the trigger to I think that a go and get my nutritionist degree.



00:20:04.890 --> 00:20:07.590

annie Gaudreault: And that combined with



00:20:08.760 --> 00:20:21.150

annie Gaudreault: Being in my 40s. I thought there is no friggin way that I am turning 50 in I will be in the same place in my life, I do not. This is not acceptable.



00:20:22.140 --> 00:20:31.950

annie Gaudreault: And I thought, I'm going to go back to school, get that degree and then figure out how I can serve because I had always remembered how much I loved coaching.



00:20:32.340 --> 00:20:49.380

annie Gaudreault: I love seeing these women you know I had had hundreds of women that cross the finish line, because we went back to Washington for their first marathon. They would cross the finish line amongst all those gorgeous Marines and they would fall into My arms all sweaty.



00:20:49.860 --> 00:21:01.230

annie Gaudreault: And completely like in tears, and I cannot explain those there is no better sensation or no better feeling. No, no greater satisfaction in the world.



00:21:01.230 --> 00:21:02.160




00:21:03.300 --> 00:21:14.790

annie Gaudreault: It was magical. So I went back to school and then I went, oh my god, I put my little marketing hat on. And I thought, What are the markets that are underserved da middle aged women. Yeah.



00:21:15.990 --> 00:21:30.870

annie Gaudreault: we obsess over youth, but not just us women and youthful in this view image image of beauty and so called you know perfection and



00:21:31.560 --> 00:21:44.790

annie Gaudreault: I had started to observe what was going on. Also around me. You know, I was in my 40s. I saw people starting to have cancer. I started to see pre diabetic friends. I started to see



00:21:45.480 --> 00:21:59.880

annie Gaudreault: The crisis is that are happening when people were not being living authentic lives. Yeah. And I was like, I think there is a beautiful opportunity for me to serve this population.



00:22:00.360 --> 00:22:14.430

annie Gaudreault: That nobody cares about. And I was seeing all this messaging around aging that I thought is pure BS. We are making aging look like a time of loss, a time of



00:22:16.200 --> 00:22:33.120

annie Gaudreault: A spiral, you know, down where we lose. Well, we lose our youth, we lose our beauty, we lose our capacity. And I thought, nothing has been further from the truth because as I age I feel better and I am so much happier.



00:22:33.360 --> 00:22:34.590

Terry Wildemann: Oh, you know I am.



00:22:34.590 --> 00:22:35.550

annie Gaudreault: Ray Ray of her



00:22:36.060 --> 00:22:36.420




00:22:37.590 --> 00:22:54.900

Terry Wildemann: The older I get, the better. I feel it is just absolutely remarkable. And you're right, when you are integrated in mind, body, and spirit and you know it's funny that you say that, and I'll share this from the heart to validate what you're talking about.



00:22:57.690 --> 00:23:14.250

Terry Wildemann: I was very ill in the beginning part of my life, on and on and on. Fast forward. I know that that had to happen because I had to learn a lot of holistic modalities to keep my family happy and to keep me happy. Okay. Bada bing, bada boom, here I am, I am now.



00:23:15.630 --> 00:23:16.170

Terry Wildemann: A



00:23:17.460 --> 00:23:42.630

Terry Wildemann: It and I have been teaching resilience. For the last 25 years. And what I know is that this idea of what we look like and what we're men who are meant to be can really play with their minds and as I said to somebody just yesterday on the phone in my 20s AND MY 30s and going into



00:23:45.270 --> 00:23:50.340

Terry Wildemann: My early 40s. I was really, really skinny. I was very, very skinny.



00:23:51.390 --> 00:23:55.800

Terry Wildemann: Now I'm not skinny. But what i'll tell you is this.



00:23:57.330 --> 00:24:04.620

Terry Wildemann: I am the healthiest I've ever been in my life because I am healthy in mind, body,



00:24:05.070 --> 00:24:06.210

annie Gaudreault: And spirit.



00:24:06.570 --> 00:24:14.130

Terry Wildemann: Before it was not mind, body, and spirit. I was not healthy in my heart. I was not healthy in my mind.



00:24:14.970 --> 00:24:26.310

Terry Wildemann: Though my whereas my values were strong my perceptions were skewed and things were off and on, and on, and on, and on, and everything that I've done in the last



00:24:26.970 --> 00:24:40.830

Terry Wildemann: 32 years has taught me how to own who I am as a woman, so I can validate what you are talking about in such a huge Wayne. Thank you so much for what you do, because we need you.



00:24:43.650 --> 00:24:48.000

annie Gaudreault: Well, it's so gratifying because the need is there and



00:24:49.230 --> 00:25:03.690

annie Gaudreault: It is so powerful because when women hear this message. They go online, God, you know, it doesn't have to be door a there is this much more attractive door here and that's the door that is liberating.



00:25:03.990 --> 00:25:06.780

annie Gaudreault: That's the door that leads you to building your dreams.



00:25:06.900 --> 00:25:12.090

annie Gaudreault: That's the door to real happiness and feeling joyful. Yes. Right.



00:25:12.480 --> 00:25:20.310

Terry Wildemann: And your own who you are as a woman you own your strength, your cash and a lot of it has to do with plain and simple with confidence, you know,



00:25:20.820 --> 00:25:30.420

Terry Wildemann: It is is huge. And oftentimes, the people who tend to pull the rug out from under us the most are the ones we live with.



00:25:31.320 --> 00:25:39.900

Terry Wildemann: The ones we love the most are the ones who tend to do that. And when we realize that it's great to have them in our lives. But guess what,



00:25:40.830 --> 00:25:52.740

Terry Wildemann: You don't get to tell me what's good about me. What's bad about me anymore. And now I like me who I am and I'm stepping in who I meant to become and who I am, meant to be. And



00:25:53.640 --> 00:26:06.570

Terry Wildemann: You know that that's a big deal. So tell me more about Vive which is the name of your business that you created V V to help women with aging and become their powerful selves.



00:26:07.830 --> 00:26:17.790

annie Gaudreault: Well, it is a holistic approach that really looks at all of the critical components that get you to have that sustainable high energy



00:26:18.090 --> 00:26:38.250

annie Gaudreault: That can give you the vitality that you took for granted. When you were, you know, in your 20s in your 30s, you know, it's not a secret formula by the ingredients to live with vitality to have the life that you want. It's just a series of principles and you just need to, obviously.



00:26:39.690 --> 00:26:45.750

annie Gaudreault: Identify what it is for each person because we are all unique right. It's not a one size fits all.



00:26:46.500 --> 00:26:52.800

annie Gaudreault: But all of each of the key components are part of each of us. And then it's dialing



00:26:53.430 --> 00:27:05.850

annie Gaudreault: Properly for each person that leads you to that vitality to having the energy. You know, when people I was mentioning, when people were asking me, how did you train for an Iron Man. And let me read and, you know, and lead a business. I say,



00:27:06.540 --> 00:27:11.910

annie Gaudreault: This is possible for all of us that level of output. It is hundred percent possible



00:27:12.480 --> 00:27:12.840

Terry Wildemann: Mm hmm.



00:27:13.230 --> 00:27:22.440

annie Gaudreault: You know, I am not superhuman as we are very well established. You know what is what. When you start to understand what are the key components.



00:27:22.800 --> 00:27:33.780

annie Gaudreault: You know that it's limitless. And I believe because, as you mentioned here, you know, we can to this time with the confidence we can finally achieve big stuff.



00:27:34.050 --> 00:27:35.070

We can



00:27:36.240 --> 00:27:49.410

Terry Wildemann: We can, you know what, ladies, it's time for us to rise up. When is the era of the female energy the feminine the divine feminine is here. So the



00:27:50.280 --> 00:28:11.970

Terry Wildemann: You know, the one thing you mentioned about our society isn't it interesting that in indigenous cultures and in other cultures around the world. Women who are older are revered for their wisdom, but in western society, we tend to toss old women out with the trash.



00:28:12.960 --> 00:28:14.970

annie Gaudreault: Yes, become visible.



00:28:15.330 --> 00:28:17.970

Terry Wildemann: What is up with that.



00:28:18.660 --> 00:28:27.030

annie Gaudreault: It's a very male oriented decision making is what it is you know women don't want that. You know, we don't want that, you know,



00:28:27.570 --> 00:28:38.340

Terry Wildemann: I will never wanted for themselves, either, so you know it's whether it's men or women actually they don't want to be put out to pasture.



00:28:38.880 --> 00:28:39.390

Terry Wildemann: No.



00:28:39.570 --> 00:28:58.050

Terry Wildemann: They don't want to be disrespected, and some of my clients have been men who have retired and are going into more other careers and they're very frustrated because they ended up having to go into business because they could not get hired because of their age.



00:28:58.230 --> 00:29:01.140

annie Gaudreault: Yes, oh ageism is alive and well. It's



00:29:01.290 --> 00:29:03.810

annie Gaudreault: Awful. It really is.



00:29:03.960 --> 00:29:05.250

annie Gaudreault: Well, all I am stem



00:29:05.250 --> 00:29:06.990

Terry Wildemann: Is just just just



00:29:08.160 --> 00:29:08.970

Terry Wildemann: Along the way,



00:29:09.600 --> 00:29:24.000

annie Gaudreault: Absolutely. I am hoping I see a lot in our society, though some beautiful glimmer of hopes that there is more conversation more openness to what do we each have to bring



00:29:25.080 --> 00:29:25.980

annie Gaudreault: To each other.



00:29:26.250 --> 00:29:37.890

annie Gaudreault: And and the, you know, Harvard Business Review mentioned, not that long ago that the average age of successful businesses, the founders age was around 47



00:29:38.520 --> 00:29:51.870

annie Gaudreault: And you know I know why because we're starting to bring some wisdom, we are starting to apply the life lessons and having the emotional maturity to be able to, you know, build these businesses.



00:29:52.320 --> 00:29:57.150

annie Gaudreault: And also to have the guts to like go forward and, you know,



00:29:58.740 --> 00:30:12.330

annie Gaudreault: Realize these dreams that we've had, like, I there's no way I would have been able to go back to school. You know, in my 30s. I didn't have the wisdom that it took that I finally had in my 40s.



00:30:13.260 --> 00:30:13.620

Terry Wildemann: Right.



00:30:13.740 --> 00:30:21.330

annie Gaudreault: So there's a gift in that wisdom that there's not enough to China, you know, to make you go back



00:30:22.740 --> 00:30:41.340

Terry Wildemann: Another gun. So any one of the things about being a nutritionist, is that you understand about a lot of the chemicals that go into our food, etc, etc. What is the biggest thing that you see in our food today that really is unhealthy for us.



00:30:42.960 --> 00:30:50.790

annie Gaudreault: I think the, the biggest, biggest thing is our disconnect with food that it is



00:30:52.440 --> 00:31:01.020

annie Gaudreault: You know, and it's not about oh I grabbed fast food and I'm, you know, I just want convenience. It's all the time you know our disconnect with food that it comes from



00:31:01.410 --> 00:31:15.360

annie Gaudreault: A land, you know, land had to be farmed and the the effort that is put into that in the respect of everything that it takes you know we need to have clean soil and we need to have clean water and and and because



00:31:15.810 --> 00:31:25.260

annie Gaudreault: I don't believe that it is again one size fits all nutrition, but I do believe that being connected to the food is something that should be universal.



00:31:26.160 --> 00:31:36.660

annie Gaudreault: Whether whatever philosophy of food that you may have. And that you wish to go under, because when you start to make those choices you make better choices.



00:31:37.110 --> 00:31:42.930

annie Gaudreault: What goes into your into your body, the brands that you buy how you live your life.



00:31:43.320 --> 00:31:57.900

annie Gaudreault: And it impacts your neighbors, it impacts the workers and impacts the policies that we make as a society and how we are able to feed people that are marginalized right now and not even having access to fresh food. So I think that's the biggest thing.



00:31:59.220 --> 00:32:06.030

Terry Wildemann: What about and I have to bring this up because it's so perverse in our society. Right now we've got food allergies.



00:32:06.780 --> 00:32:08.460

annie Gaudreault: Yes, that's huge.



00:32:09.480 --> 00:32:27.540

annie Gaudreault: A lot of food allergies are caused by the very unhealthy gut, so there there are actually some fantastic books written about how allergies are really created by, you know, the poor nutrition that we now have



00:32:28.020 --> 00:32:47.700

annie Gaudreault: And how the gut sees some elements you know perfectly fine food and sees it and then decides that this is an enemy and creates an auto immunity right allergies. So that's why we also see a rise in autoimmune diseases right now poor gut health



00:32:48.450 --> 00:33:08.280

annie Gaudreault: The good that we are starting to understand gut health a lot better. And my hope is that we are going to start to see new modalities to treat allergies new modalities that will help reduce this incredible rise of autoimmune diseases.



00:33:09.390 --> 00:33:25.740

annie Gaudreault: However, people should know this between science being, you know, really, really clear and obviously well supported in peer reviewed between the time that this is done and that it finds himself in medical books 17 years



00:33:26.100 --> 00:33:38.130

annie Gaudreault: Wow 17 years. That's a generation right a generation officiating marketing terms is 20 years yes 17 years so often.



00:33:38.970 --> 00:33:53.880

annie Gaudreault: The mud. The, the, the protocols that are out there are really not effective. That's why I always recommend that people really do their homework to see what are the options out there in terms of healing in terms of, you know,



00:33:56.070 --> 00:33:58.920

annie Gaudreault: Better suited solutions for their health.



00:34:00.030 --> 00:34:16.710

Terry Wildemann: Spot on. So, Annie. Your story is remarkable. You have really influenced I believe many of us in being able to get past what holds us back and I know you have so much so much more to offer.



00:34:17.670 --> 00:34:18.870

Terry Wildemann: People find you.



00:34:19.920 --> 00:34:30.900

annie Gaudreault: Very easy. So you did mention my website that is probably the best way Vive which is V e for Canada, by the way, for all of the American



00:34:31.410 --> 00:34:49.530

annie Gaudreault: Audience So and I invite people to just sign in the I have a wonderful guide that people can download and you will see my newsletter and also I am always happy to have a complimentary call with someone so that they can get some Media Strategies to support them.



00:34:50.250 --> 00:34:55.020

Terry Wildemann: Sorry, it is that both in nutrition and and running marathons.



00:34:55.110 --> 00:34:56.370

annie Gaudreault: Haha. Absolutely.



00:34:56.520 --> 00:34:58.800

annie Gaudreault: Absolutely. I love to talk about running



00:35:00.570 --> 00:35:10.590

Terry Wildemann: Well, thank you so much for being here on making the possibilities, you're absolutely delightful guest. And I know that your wisdom will go far and wide with awaken the possibilities.



00:35:11.250 --> 00:35:23.400

Terry Wildemann: Audience and to my dear friend to come in, week after week to listen to our episodes. Thank you so much for being here. We have great guests that are coming down the line.



00:35:23.910 --> 00:35:30.510

Terry Wildemann: And just keep listening and just keep going to the website awaken the possibilities calm.



00:35:30.900 --> 00:35:39.060

Terry Wildemann: And you can see everyone who is on the show from passions. You can see future shows that are upcoming as well as the current show



00:35:39.540 --> 00:35:50.040

Terry Wildemann: So, you can find us at awaken the possibilities calm, as I mentioned, you can also join our Facebook group awaken the possibilities business Hangout and our



00:35:50.820 --> 00:36:05.400

Terry Wildemann: YouTube channel is forward slash intuitive leadership. So this has been a blast. And I look forward to seeing you again very soon to your success.



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