Authentic Points Of View By Danielle Booher


S1Ep12-A Changed Man's Point Of View

Season 1, Ep. 12

This week on Authentic Points Of View, Danielle speaks with Jo-rel Lamar, Father, Barber, and Mentor who speaks about:

  1. The reason he went to prison, and how long he served in prison.
  2. Being a single Dad and the positive lessons he shows his daughter by being an example of how a Man is supposed to treat a lady.
  3. Mentoring the youth in Columbus Ohio, all while being a Barber. Being a part of the "village" and helping others raise their young children to grow up to be strong, successful, smart, respectful and responsible adults.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Instagram: Jorel_babyyjune

Facebook: Jor-el Lamar


Razor Sharps Barber Shop at 2543 Morris Rd. Colombus, OH

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