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Australian Survivor Talking Tribal

Titans V Rebels: Week 4

Season 5, Ep. 4

A bumper episode this week, there’s just so much to talk about.

And what a Titan-ic effort at that immunity challenge. Come on Aileen!

Kelli spills the (rice and) beans in this week’s exit interview, hear the full chat exclusively on Australian Survivor Talking Tribal – The Podcast.

And we’ve got our regular Glory Or Death segment, while Shannon’s World of Survivor looks at the state of the vote economy and don’t miss Chrissy’s Challenge Chat.

Don’t forget, make sure you’ve seen eps 10, 11 and 12 before listening to this so it makes a lot more sense –

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  • 6. Titans V Rebels: Week 6

    In a week where we’re not sure if we’re in a Survivor camp or a schoolyard, Caroline is confused and Feras is fretting, but Rianna is still hanging in there. And Ray literally sits back with his popcorn and watches the chaos unfold.Phew. So much for our top tribal trio to unpack. I don’t think it’s just the glow of the torches making all that heat.Don’t miss the extended cut of George’s chat with Valeria, whose torch was brutally snuffed out at Tribal Council in an epic blindside she definitely didn’t see coming.And this week on our regular expedition into the World Of Survivor, Shannon looks at crazy tricks and advantages.Make sure you’ve seen eps 16, 17 and 18 before listening to this so it all makes sense –
  • 5. Titans V Rebels: Week 5

    Drop your buffs, it’s time for merge! In the words of Valeria – the war is about to start.Shattered hopes and crushed dreams abound this week as alliances are made then broken, minds are changed, and there are even more shock departures. You Winna some, you lose some.With Scott making the decision to put himself and his mental health first, Shannon’s World of Survivor looks at who else has voluntarily left the game in previous seasons.PLUS George chats to Eden, fresh from the Samoan beach garden. Make sure you’ve seen eps 13, 14 and 15 before listening to this – you, or anyone you know, have been affected any of the issues raised in this week’s episode, please talk to someone. If you are in Australia, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4036
  • 3. Titans V Rebels: Week 3

    Week 3 and things are heating up. The chaos continues as buffs are dropped, blindsides are a dime a dozen, and boy are those betrayals devastating. Alas, poor Garrick. Are cracks beginning to show? One thing’s for sure, expect the unexpected.Shannon’s World Of Survivor looks at the biggest blunders in Survivor history, and we have the extended cut of Shannon’s chat with Viola.PLUS – our experts discuss who they think is safe and who’s not in both tribes, exclusively here on Australian Survivor Talking Tribal – The Podcast.Make sure you’ve seen this week’s eps before listening to this. Catch up on 10 Play -
  • 2. Titans V Rebels: Week 2

    Wow, things are getting hectic! So many twists and turns.George, Shannon and Chrissy deep dive into the pros and cons of throwing a challenge (or not), idol threats, and there are so many questions about Kirby.And Shannon’s World of Survivor tackles cross-tribe advantages.Oh Kelli, you had one job …Join us each week for exclusive Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels content you won’t find anywhere else.And don’t forget, make sure you’ve seen eps 4-6 before listening to this so it makes a lot more sense -
  • 1. Titans V Rebels: Week 1

    Well, what a first week that was. Talk about getting straight into it.Our top Talking Tribal trio for this season – Shannon Guss, George Mladenov and Chrissy Zaremba – leave no stone unturned, and no stick unstuck, as they deep dive into the events of Week 1. Despite it being only the first week we’re seeing some strong tactical game play already, so what potential alliances do they see forming, and who has the biggest target on their back?Plus Shannon’s World of Survivor looks at naughty sandwiches, and Chrissy realises she needs to brush up on her Survivor history quick sticks.Make sure you’ve seen the first three eps before listening to this. Go on, head over to 10 Play now, then come straight back here. The Tribe has spoken.
  • 12. Heroes V Villains: Khanh and Liz

    Thought that was the end of it? Well we have one more treat for you.Khanh talks to the newly-crowned winner of Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains – Liz Parnov.Queen Liz talks about surviving Samoa, from what it was like as a newbie playing with returning players to how she managed to keep going and get through the last challenge and final Tribal Council.If you did miss any of this season’s episodes, or maybe you want to watch them all again, you’ll find them all (and much, much more) here -
  • 11. Heroes V Villains: Khanh and George

    It’s a right royal tête-à-tête as King George and King Khanh get together to talk all things Season 4.From lessons learned from the Outback to the best Tribal Council in history, working with Matt and Gerry, to the pre-emptive strike on Shonee, listen to the full chat only on Australian Survivor: Talking Tribal - The Podcast. That’s right, you won’t find the full version of this anywhere else!And how did he like his first time on the jury?Catch up on anything you’ve missed, or why not watch them all again –
  • 10. Heroes V Villains: Week 9

    The Jury has spoken and we have a winner!!But before that happened there were twists and turns a plenty, as we saw the final four literally hanging on for a place in the top three, and one of the jury sent home. Poor Shonee. We didn’t see that coming.Our Talking Tribal triumvirate of top tacticians get together one last time for this season to talk about the final Tribal Council and how the king of blindsides got, well, blindsided.There are definitely spoilers ahead, so do yourself a favour and catch up here before listening to this -