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Michael Yardney: Mindset & Habits of a Great Negotiator Revealed

Season 7, Ep. 898

We’re back with the best-selling co-author of 'Rich Habits, Poor Habits' and Metropole Property Group Founder Michael Yardney. Well-equipped with more than five decades of investing, he explains the power of mindset, he value of having a team, and the foolproof rich habits that can be powerful allies in one's pursuit to property success. Plus, this phenomenal investor reveals how being a good (and more so, great!) negotiator is key to buying or selling property!

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  • 808. Sam Khalil and the Million-Dollar Power of Financial Literacy

    With over 27 years in business under his belt and a team of over 70 people across Australia, Sam Khalil is no stranger to the secrets of achieving property investing success.  The managing director and founding member of the DPN Group of companies, delves into his colourful experiences from being born in Sudan and growing up in Australia to later on starting businesses. Between property development, financial planning, and more, there isn’t much he hasn’t tried!In this episode, armed with a wealth of business knowledge, he gives insight about a particular path he nearly took, why financial literacy is paramount, and why haggling isn’t always worth it in the end.
  • 807. Craig Malvern on Listening Well and Learning Lessons

    Craig Malvern is the licensee at Linder Group, a family business started by his sister Kimberly and her husband Jason. Malvern’s background is in both real estate sales and hospitality, which have lent themselves well to the work he does today.While he used to be a close relative of the Penrith Panther, he now shows his pride for his area in another fashion— but with the same qualities underpinning it. In this episode he shares what it’s like to be in property management, the importance of community and being outside, and the lessons he’s learnt along the way— both professional and personal.
  • 806. Chris Ferris: Keeping the Great Australian Dream Alive

    We’re back with Coposit’s founder and CEO Chris Ferris. Eager to share his advice, Ferris discloses his top secret strategy to buying first-homes. And, he reveals ideas on how to navigate rising interest rates. Having turned four properties into 40, Ferris is more than experienced enough to give this advice! Passionate about the Great Australian Dream—buying and owning your own home—Ferris is determined to use Coposit to keep the dream alive. Sharing the goals and aim of his company, Ferris reveals the hard but fruitful journey that he undertook to create his own, successful company.
  • 805. Buy and Invest: Solving the Housing Crisis with Chris Ferris!

    Coposit: a company that makes loans to buy a property that much easier to get. Join its co-founder and CEO Chris Ferris in this episode, as he shares his journey from the child of hardworking immigrants to a successful entrepreneur. Selling 20-30 homes a year at 7-figure rates, Ferris is on the hustle!Teaching invaluable strategies such as the concept of ‘optioning’ and equipping listeners with the tools to navigate the complicated and expensive current market, Ferris is the perfect person to listen to for those of us trying to get our own house. And, he shares some silly anecdotes from school in his youth. Don’t be fooled: stay in school kids!
  • 804. Triumphs and Setbacks: Unveiling Nick Hague’s Remarkable Property Story

    Welcome back to our discussion with the remarkable Nick Hague, who currently works as the Business Development Manager for Punters Finance. In this episode, Hague takes you on a thrilling roller coaster ride through the unpredictable terrain of his property development journey. Get ready for a journey defined by tenacity and determination, from overcoming a staggering $100,000 setback on one of his properties to navigating the tumultuous challenges of 2020—bushries, the relentless grip of COVID-19, and market uncertainties. Hague’s remarkable ability to transform adversity into triumph is nothing short of extraordinary, and he unveils the secrets behind his unparalleled achievement. As he shares his incredible journey, Hague imparts insightful advice and knowledge that can benefit individuals, whether they;ve just entered the property world or have been a part of it for years.
  • 803. From Plumbing Success to Punters Finance: Nick Hague’s transformation

    After dedicating the majority of his life to running a highly successful plumbing business, Nick Hague has set aside the toolbox and has recently shifted his sole focus to the thrilling and dynamic realm of property development. In this episode, Hague takes us on a thrilling journey through his property development endeavours, starting with a collaborative effort on their initial property venture with a tradesman friend. His trajectory has led him to ascend to the role of Business Development Manager at Punters Finance, illustrating how his journey serves as a testament to both experience and an unbridled passion for helping others, propelling him to new heights in his professional pursuits.
  • 802. Jobless to Joyous - Dean Parker’s Winding Road to $10 Million

    Dean Parker is the founder and managing director of full-service property company Your Style Homes. Also a licensed Real Estate Agent and fully-qualified IT analyst, Parker worked in the corporate world for the beginning stages of his career life for some of the biggest tech companies in the world. But something didn’t feel right. For all the work he did as an employee he had nothing to show for it. At rock-bottom, he was ready to change his life…through the vehicle of property. On this episode we’ll follow Parker’s journey navigating his desire for a better life with the real, everyday challenges he’s had to face over time. Listen to his transformation from beginner investor to entrepreneur and full-time developer with over 450 property transactions totalling over $160 million in value, including renovations, new property developments and a portfolio of investment properties. The best thing? Hear how with the right tools by your side, it’s possible for you to transform too. 
  • 801. Sunhoc Khou - The Balancing Act: How to Work Full-time and Develop Properties

    Sunhoc Khou is a property developer and founder of HWD Homes. After studying for six years and establishing a career in accounting, Khou took an interest in property investment. With his brother by his side, he experimented in different types of property investment and landed on property development. In this episode, we’ll hear the details of Khou’s property development journey, including a repulsive renovation. As well as this, discover how to balance a full-time job with property development, the key to making at least $250,000 per deal and the dangers of having too much on your plate.
  • 800. Rob Flux Talks About Taking the SMART Route and Eating An Elephant

    Rob Flux is a property developer, educator, and mentor as well as founder of Australia’s largest property network group Property Developer Network. His personal and professional journeys have intertwined throughout the years, starting from purchasing his family home from his parents as a teenager to starting his thriving network group through a conversation with friends sharing their property experiencesIn this episode of our 'Investor vs. Developer' series, Flux follows up on our previous conversation with more effective mindset-building tips. He now lays down a bite-sized and S.M.A.R.T. process that will practically sharpen your strategy and help one overcome a seemingly formidable task of debunking personal limiting beliefs one step at a time. Plus, he gives timeless advice on using a reward system that works!