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Evan Thornley on Making the Right Decisions to Admire the Long View

Season 4, Ep. 784

With a baker’s dozen of startups under his belt, social and tech entrepreneur Evan Thornley isn’t one to call it quits. He started his 14th startup, property advisory firm LongView, with co-founders Antony Cohen and Cath Stubbings over six years ago, and is still as full of drive as he was on day one.

In this episode, Thornley details how he plans to unlock the Australian property landscape using its oftentimes forgotten key: The mum and dad home buyers and investors, rather than the government or developers. The former LookSmart CEO is no stranger to pioneering his way through industries, and with 35 years of investing experience behind him, LongView is just the latest in his extraordinary tale. He shares tidbits from his time in Parliament, real-life case studies that sound too good to be true, and why the conventional real estate business model isn’t as robust as it seems.

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  • 788. Keep Asking Questions with Mark Heritage

    Mark Heritage is the director of Vista Group and Associates. After working for 10 years at a job that he lost passion for, he made the courageous decision to change careers. From there, he jumped into property investment, which is a vehicle that he uses strategically to make a profit.In today’s episode, we’ll hear about Heritage’s life changing moments, such as contracting medically induced bacteria. As well as this, we’ll explore how bumping into an old friend at a high school reunion kicked off his career, the importance of asking questions and the strategy that has led him to success - option deals!
  • 787. Rob Flux: Harness the Power of Micro Actions and a Right Mindset

    Rob Flux is a property developer, educator, and mentor as well as founder of Australia’s largest property network group Property Developer Network. His personal and professional journeys have intertwined throughout the years, starting from purchasing his family home from his parents as a teenager to starting his thriving network group through a conversation with friends sharing their property experiences.In this episode of our 'Investor vs. Developer' series, Flux opens the gate to his 'success formula' for cultivating the mindset every property developer needs. With decades of remarkable property accomplishments, he delves into the nitty-gritty of the importance of developing skills, the power of putting in the effort, and the impact of micro actions. Plus, he unveils the big WHY for training our brain's reticular activating system!
  • 786. Phil Verdouw: Venturing into His passion for Property

    Welcome back to our discussion with the remarkable Phil Verdouw, who currently works as the company director and acquisitions lead at PV Properties.In this episode, Verdouw extends a warm invitation to join him on an electrifying journey through the highs and lows of his enthralling venture in the world of property development. Prepare for a wild roller coaster ride, from the heart-pounding challenges of squeezing a mere $23,000 profit off of his property during the tumultuous days of COVID-19 to the triumphant moments of acquiring several properties valued at over $1 million. As Verdouw shares his remarkable journey, he generously imparts the priceless wisdom and knowledge he’s gleaned from influential mentors who have played pivotal roles in his path to success.
  • 785. Phil Verdouw’s Journey from Construction Sites to Corporate Heights

    After conquering the corporate world for over two decades, Phil Verdouw has recently embarked on an exhilarating new chapter in his career—a bold leap into the electrifying realm of property development. In just four short years, he’s transformed from a corporate titan into a visionary force within the dynamic world of property development. In this episode, Verdouw takes us on a thrilling journey, starting from his early days amidst the frost landscapes of Tasmania, where a young boy’s disinterest in traditional schooling led him to venture into a carpentry and joinery apprenticeship with his uncles’ company. His story continues on the sun-kissed shores of Queensland, where he honed his skills and established himself in the construction industry until he made an audacious leap into the corporate world.
  • 784. Lakhwinder Singh’s Words of Wisdom—3 Simple Rules, Best Advice and More.

    We’re back with the stellar Lakhwinder Singh, the director and buyers agent at Value buyers, which is a buyers agency based in Sydney. In this episode, Singh shares how a stranger’s kindness saves him from homelessness! Determined not to waste the warm favour, Singh reveals the hard-work and risks he had to undertake to reach success. Sharing his 3 rules to navigate the property market as well as revealing the best advice he’s ever heard, Singh provides invaluable help to listeners. Plus, he debunks rumours that success is just all luck!
  • Lakhwinder Singh: From Baker to Property Investor with Just One Book

    If you are looking for a truly unique story, look no further than Lakhwinder “Lucky” Singh! Though the tale may have a traditionally inspiring start—a Punjabi immigrant moves to Australia with nothing but $1800 and hopes for better opportunities—it certainly is fraught with twists and turns. Struggling to secure a working visa, this is the unlikely story of a hardworking baker turned property investor!In this episode, he confesses the struggles he faced. Temporarily homeless, juggling multiple jobs and rising at 4am every morning to bake, “Lucky” Singh proves that his nickname is just a charming reiteration of his first name and in no way a reflection of his success story! Finally, hard-working and patient, the better opportunity Singh moved for finds him in the form of a surprising book he found at a gold coin donation event!
  • 900. Richard Bharata: From Zero to Property Hero

    We’re back with the extraordinary Richard Bharata, who spends his days as a project manager for one of NSW’s most iconic stadiums, Accor, and shifts gears to become a shrewd buyer’s agent at night. In this episode, we embark on an exhilarating journey with Bharata as he takes us through the rollercoaster ride of property investment. From the heart-pounding moment of buying his first property in the bustling city of Sydney in early 2021 to expanding his empire into the lucrative markets of Perth and Cairns, Bharata’s tale is a thrilling adventure of seizing opportunities and consequence challenges. And what is his secret weapon that has allowed him to attain such success? It’s the power of podcasts and digital resources, providing him with trust guides and strategies for this electrifying quest towards financial freedom.
  • 899. Richard Bharata’s Journey from Laziness to Determination: A Tale of Resilience

    If you’ve been in search of an awe-inspiring life journey, filled with triumphs over countless challenges, and the transformation of an ordinary individual into a resoundingly successful and motivated personality, then look no further than Rihard Bharata’s incredible story. Born in the bustling city of Jakarta, Indonesia, and embarking on a journey to Australia without his parents at the tender age of 12-years-old, Bharata’s path to his current stature has been anything but ordinary. In this episode, Bharata guides us through the journey of how he transformed rejection into opportunity, turned laziness and harnessed it into unwavering determination, ultimately paving the way for him to become the high achiever he is today.
  • 898. Michael Yardney: Mindset & Habits of a Great Negotiator Revealed

    We’re back with the best-selling co-author of 'Rich Habits, Poor Habits' and Metropole Property Group Founder Michael Yardney. Well-equipped with more than five decades of investing, he explains the power of mindset, he value of having a team, and the foolproof rich habits that can be powerful allies in one's pursuit to property success. Plus, this phenomenal investor reveals how being a good (and more so, great!) negotiator is key to buying or selling property!