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Gratitude Makes the Attitude: The Alex Jeloudev Story

Season 8, Ep. 814

Alex Jeloudev is many things— a dedicated social worker, husband, and now property investor as well. Keep an eye on his name as it’s one you’ll soon be hearing a lot of! Jeloudev has already made his mark on the disability and senior social work areas, and is keen to load up his plate with more of what brings him happiness. 

Next on his list is fulfilling his dream of entering the property investment world. In this episode Jeloudev shares why he put it off for so long, and how putting himself in his clients’ shoes— along with one other big change— gave him the push he needed to get going. Despite some stumbles along the way, the path led him to a particular buyer’s agent who took him under his wing and helped him to fly high.

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  • 832. Managing Wealth With The Value of Real-life Experiences - Chris Bates

    Chris Bates is the founder of mortgage brokerage, Wealthful. Originally from Melbourne, Bates has lived what he describes as a ‘nomad’ life. At a young age, he and his family moved to Newcastle for a job opportunity. From there, he attended university in Sydney but after deciding that further study was not for him, he picked up his life and went to London before eventually settling again in Australia.In this episode, Bates will share the travelling stories that shaped his worldview, including exploring the beauty of countries such as India and Egypt. As well as this, learn how to find success without a university degree, and a common investing mistake involving supply and demand issues.
  • 831. Commercial Property Success After 14 Residential Properties with Brian McNicol

    Meet Brian McNicol, the successful commercial property investor and CEO of buyer's agency Commercial property, who made the transition into commercial property after having 14 residential properties under his belt. These days he specialises in finding commercial property for buyers with most of his clients focused on retail office accommodation and some on industrial, helping them to purchase those properties with recession-proof tenancy or a high net return. Born and bred in Brisbane, Brian McNicol studied Commerce at university and held a variety of roles, from accounting to clerical positions, before he made the jump into property, when a six-week role with the Queensland government resulted in close to nineteen years at the job that eventually led him to the role of property consultant.Learn more about the residential properties he managed to accumulate through renovation and splitting, the lessons he learned along the way, what inspired him to go into property in the first place. Also, we will be delving into the moment he realised he could turn negative gearing into positive cash flow and why doctors and solicitors make good long-term tenants. So what are you waiting for? Click the play button to get started!
  • 830. Ashish Malhotra - How to Use House Prices to Propel Your Portfolio to $3.5M

    Ashish Malhotra is a buyer’s agent who arrived in Australia from India less than a decade ago. After landing here at the tail end of 2014, he bought his first Australian property sight unseen— and once his sights were set, he never looked back. With each investment performing better than the last, it’s safe to say Australia really is the lucky country.In this episode Malhotra shares stories of growing up in his clean and green city near the Pakistan border, where his childhood was never boring. He delves into how he became an entrepreneur without even realising it— and how despite some embarrassments along the way, he learnt a lot of lessons on his metaphorical and physical journeys.
  • 829. Andrew David Courtney - Playing The Game of Life: Do it Right With Property

    On this episode of Property Investory we speak with Andrew David Courtney, founder of Plenitude Wealth. Coming from a place of poverty, Courtney knew he wanted a different life for his family. After studying a Masters of Commerce, he discovered that even his peers had a huge missing piece in their financial knowledge: property. Filling this gap as a mortgage broker, buyers agent and licenced financial advisor, all in one, Courtney now is equipped to help everyone get finance fit ! But his story isn’t quite that simple. His journey spans countries and takes us from the basketball court to the boadroom, from tents to terminals. All in the name of financial freedom.
  • 828. Discover Zach Hristo’s Advice to Investing at Just 21!

    We’re back with Zach Hristo, the 27-year-old South-Australian investor boasting an impressive portfolio of $3.7M. 4 strong properties to his name, and a 3-year plan to double his net worth, Hristo is a man on a mission. Dominating the Adelaide marketplace, he inspires fellow listeners in their 20s (and older!) to save correctly, complete subdivisions and slowly transform one success to four. Plus, he reveals some of his biggest challenges, sharing an anecdote about tenants that ran out on a property!
  • 827. A $3.7M Net Worth at 27? Here’s How Zach Hristo Did It.

    From an avid podcast-listener to the star of his very own episode, Zach Hristo is a South-Australia based investor who has made an impressive $3.7M by the age of 27. Buying his first property at only 21, Hristo has been on a mission ever since. Sharing invaluable advice on building strong saving habits to selecting strong investment properties with his secret criteria, Hristo’s advice is the perfect breath of fresh air for our young listeners. And, he reveals his own love for property investment podcasts, sharing the importance of selecting real role models in a social media landscape, criticising ‘successful’, motivational speakers hiding behind smokes and mirrors.
  • 826. Navigating Challenges and Achieving Success in Property Investment

    Welcome back to our discussion with the remarkable Jhuntte Lopez, a HR professional at Samsung, and Moses Nuakeya, a technical product owner.Embark on an intriguing journey with them, from the initial acquisition of their first properties to the remarkable table of securing 10 properties before venturing into the diverse landscape of Dubai. Their narrative traverses significant life transitions, revealing the motivations driving their purchases. As the story unfolds, gain insights into realizing the Australian dream of homeownership. Be inspired by their daring venture into property investment, and glean valuable lessons — from astutely leveraging cash flow to adeptly navigating challenges with agents and tradespeople.
  • 825. Embracing Professional Diversity in the Middle East: Jhunette Lopez and Moses Nayakey’s Story

    Seeking to expand their professional horizons beyond the perceived limitations that Australia offered, they decided to embark on a new and exciting chapter by immersing themselves in the culturally rich environment of Dubai. In this episode, Jhunette Lopez and Moses Nayakey take us on an exhilarating journey, sharing their backgrounds from Lopez’s upbringing in the Philippines to Nayakey growing up in Kenya. Both raised with strong work ethics and family values, they have always been driven individuals in areas of their lives. Their drive and determination led them to transition from Australia to the vibrant and diverse landscape of Dubai, where they explore and compare culture differences, work environments, and decision-making processes between the UAE and Australia.
  • 824. Chi Lam on Travelling Rough Seas and Plunging Into Property

    Chi Lam is a family man who arrived in Australia as a refugee from Vietnam as a child in the 1980s. In his early years he overcame obstacles like you wouldn’t believe, and is now the director and founder of his own company as well as the primary caregiver for his two daughters.In this episode he shares all about his childhood and adolescence and explains how they helped to form the man he is today. From five-day-long boat trips and pirates to learning a new language and moving all around Sydney, Lam’s life has been nothing short of an adventure— and he’s only just getting started.