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Australian Property Investor

A $3.7M Net Worth at 27? Here’s How Zach Hristo Did It.

Season 8, Ep. 827

From an avid podcast-listener to the star of his very own episode, Zach Hristo is a South-Australia based investor who has made an impressive $3.7M by the age of 27. Buying his first property at only 21, Hristo has been on a mission ever since. Sharing invaluable advice on building strong saving habits to selecting strong investment properties with his secret criteria, Hristo’s advice is the perfect breath of fresh air for our young listeners. 

And, he reveals his own love for property investment podcasts, sharing the importance of selecting real role models in a social media landscape, criticising ‘successful’, motivational speakers hiding behind smokes and mirrors.

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  • 842. Godfrey Dinh - Short Term Rent: How to Get 2 Years Upfront Rent in 3 Minutes

    Godfrey Dinh is the founder and CEO of Futurerent, the groundbreaking fintech captivating property investors all over the country. He has been investing in Australia and internationally for over 15 years, and takes pride in helping landlords make the most of their money as soon as they can. Upon realising commercial investors could access 3 months up to a year's worth of their rent upfront but residential investors couldn’t, he jumped at the chance to revolutionise the industry.In this episode we’ll hear about Dinh buying his first property at a very young age, then realising he hadn’t accounted for all the possibilities that come with buying property after the initial purchase. We’ll find out what happened to that property in Ermington and what became of its dilapidated tennis courts, discover how he came up with the idea for Futurerent, and how he got it up and running after several years of run-ins with red tape. We’ll also unearth the nitty-gritty ins and outs of Futurerent and how it can provide you with the upfront funds you need, fast.
  • 841. Giles Hills - Small Town Farm Boy to Successful Sydney Investor.

    Giles Hill is a successful property investor and entrepreneur whose business focuses on assisting clients in all aspects of property from renovation strategies to long term buy and hold. Originally brought up in a small English village with very little, Hill found a taste for the finer things in life as a young man, and realised half way through studying to be a teacher that he could make money faster through property investment. Join us in this episode as we learn how Hill, despite a lack of support, climbed his way from farm life in England to investing in property overseas. We learn what sparked his motivations to pursue property, how he got extremely lucky on his first investment as a young man, and what happened when his luck turned the other way. 
  • 840. Rob Flux: On the Case of Raising Capital For Property Developments

    Rob Flux is a property developer, educator, and mentor as well as founder of Australia’s largest property network group Property Developer Network. His personal and professional journeys have intertwined throughout the years, starting from purchasing his family home from his parents as a teenager to starting his thriving network group through a conversation with friends sharing their property experiences.In this episode of our 'Investor vs. Developer' series, he covers the specifics of raising capital—highlighting the necessity of cultivating trust and building one's credibility and capability in the process—from both the investor's and the developer's perspectives, and emphasises why it's crucial to combat the often-misguided view on complying with standard property investing regulations. Plus, he gives a glimpse on the limits that different types of investors face, thus underscoring the marked importance of seeking personal legal advice for oneself.
  • 839. Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Property For Investment With Luke Moroney

    Buyers agent and owner of Search Party Property, Luke Moroney joins us on this episode of Property Investory. Moroney takes us on a journey as he explains how he simultaneously traveled the world and worked, and how he had to adjust to a different lifestyle upon his return. Moroney is not only well-versed in vacations, but he’s also a property expert, with 27 properties in his portfolio. Learn from the best as he explains the mistakes he made on his first property, and how you can avoid making those same mistakes.
  • 838. Taking a Leap of Faith: Darryl Cracknell and His Move to Mortgage Broking

    Darryl Cracknell’s fascinating upbringing and background eventually led him into the property world. This episode takes us through his childhood to now, the choices made and lessons learned along the way, and taking the leap of faith he’s thankful for everyday. Coming from a mining manufacturing background, Darryl Cracknell took a chance to chase his passion. Find out how he ended up where he is today and why he loves what he’s doing now in this episode of Property Investory.
  • 837. Darren Flynn - How Civil Engineer Developed Property Travelling The World

    Darren Flynn is a chartered civil engineer, property investor, traveller, and devoted dad. Flynn spent several years in Vietnam after university, working on projects, meeting new people, and learning about himself and about property. These days, he sees signs to buy property and follows his gut to do so, with the hope of leaving a lasting legacy for his family.Join us as we discuss how his time in Vietnam changed him as a person, both professionally and personally. We’ll delve into the generosity he encountered while there and how that time— plus a sneaky deal he snared on a share house— led him to property, explore his temporary career where he broke down the cost of university per minute, and so much more!
  • 836. Danica Zhan: From $2 to Entering the Market at the Peak of COVID-19

    Danica Zhan may be young, but don’t let her age fool you! She’s garnered enough success throughout her education and two careers to activate the green eyed monster in people three times her age. The Defence Force dentist and co-founder of JD Capital aims to use every tool in her dentistry and business kits to help anybody with anything she can, wherever she is on her travels.In this episode, Zhan shares the journey of how she learnt the value of a dirty $2 coin and how it’s worth much more than it appears. Thanks to the values her parents instilled in her growing up, she’s been on the path to success for as long as she can remember and has been smashing goals ever since that fateful treasure-hunting day. Despite a discouraging first experience in the property sphere, she stuck to her guns and managed to buy her first property during the peak of COVID, and she’s nowhere near done yet.
  • 835. Long-Term Strategy With Clare Monkley

    Meet Clare Monkley a successful property investor with her own mortgage broker business called 'Love Finance', who spends her time maintaining the properties currently in her portfolio and assisting owner occupiers and investors to purchase property. Having grown up on a farm without running water as one of eleven children, Clare Monkley never imagined she, a country girl, would go onto attain such a high level of professional success. First starting off her career in a field entirely different to property investment as a hairdresser for several years after leaving school as well as various other jobs, she eventually found herself working for a mortgage broker. This was her entry into the world of property and kickstarted her career in property investment.In this episode of Property Investory, learn about her long-term strategy when it comes to investing in property, the importance of looking a little deeper into contracts and how she bounced back from one of her worst investing moments when a joint venture proved unsuccessful. We will also delve into why Clare Monkley believes education is the key to success and the various properties she has bought over the course of her journey. So what are you waiting for? Click the play button and let's get started!
  • 834. The Need for Housing Sustainability with Dr Dionne Payn

    Dr Dionne Payn is the CEO and founder of High Impact Property Investments. Originally from the UK, she moved to Australia when she was 25 years old to take up an opportunity that aligned with her value of sustainability. She now focuses her passion of sustainability towards property development and wrote the successful book ‘Ethical Property Investing’.In this episode, Dr. Payn will share the stories of how she went from partying in university, to her getting a PHD in sugarcane chemistry. As well as this, learn about how she got involved in property development and her passion behind sustainability!