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Why Anansi Has A Small Waist

Season 1, Ep. 9

Anansi, the original Spiderman is known far and wide to have a small waist, because he's greedy and loves to eat. So how did Anansi's waist get so small? This classic folktale is a delicious lesson on why we should always help out when needed and especially during an international food festival. Mmmm my mouth was watering while I was re-writing and telling my special version. A favorite Anansi story of storytellers around the world!

Kwaku Anansi the trickster spider folktales are originally from Ghana, West Africa where Anansi stories, continue to be told in the village of Kumasi and throughout the West Indies. Over 400 years ago, Kwaku Anansi traveled to the Caribbean and Americas in the imagination of African's during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Mixed: DJ King Canal

Mixed by DJ King Canal

Why Anansi Has A Small Waist Revision (c) 2021 Oni Lasana

Music: (C) Pineapple Palm Tree by Martin Kemp

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