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The Palm & The Poui

Season 1, Ep. 8

Are you using your imagination? I hope so...because you will need it for this story.

Do trees talk? Let's pretend they do...chatting out loud all day long. What do they talk about?

The Palm and the Poui trees on the island of Tobago love to talk about how much they admire each other.

Sometimes, the grass may be greener on the other side, other times it can be just as green, right where you grow.

Yes, we all must... "bloom where we are planted"

I wrote this story years ago as I admired the beautiful palm and poui trees on the island of Tobago. Poui and palm trees are also found in all their glory on many other islands throughout the Caribbean. Listen up and find out why the palm and the poui trees are so very special. You will find out why I love them so much, for not only how they look, but also, for what they give to people in the story village and around the world. Let me know what kinds of trees grow where you live.

Don't be shy!

Send me a story about trees where you live to so I can re-tell your tree story one day.

The Palm & The Poui (C) 2017 Oni Lasana

Artwork: Rachel Heusner

Music (C) Tobago Blue by Little Island Leap

Mixed by DJ King Canal

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