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The Jealous Farmer

Season 1, Ep. 3

Listen closely to why it's never a good idea to be jealous of nobody, no way, no how! If you throw dirt on someone else it will fly right back at YOU. Fo' sho nuff n' stuff!

This old-time countrified folktale was re-written and can be found in a book by sto'tryteller (poetic storyteller) Mitch "Gran'daddy Junebug" Capel from the village of North Carolina in the USA. Aunti Oni tells Mitch's story poem in her own South Carolina southern style.

Negative vibes floating around ya? No worries, do like Gran' Daddy tells us to do! "Just shake 'em off and stomp 'em down!"

OOPS! I SAID it ever do that?... Here's the direct to give a BIG shout-out to Mitch "Gran'daddy Junebug" Capel!

Mixed by: DJ King Canal

The Jealous Farmer (C) 1988 Mitch Capel

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