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Signifying Monkey

Season 1, Ep. 7

Did you ever wonder why monkeys live and play high up in the trees? Well, I'ma tell ya why. Ya see, King Lion was minding his own business when the monkey decided he wanted to be king of the jungle. So Monkey did something very rude, very crude, and with a bad attitude!

Signifying Monkey, is an African and American folktale classic that was sung way back in the day by the cool Cab Callaway, outstanding Oscar Brown Jr., King of rock n' roll, Chuck Berry, wild Willie Dixon, rock n' roller, Sam the Sham, and also can be heard in a Schoolly D rap and in the movies, House Party and Knightriders.

Signifying Monkey originated from the trickster figure of African Yoruba mythology, Esu Elegbara. Signifying Monkey is once again documented for a new generation by Aunti Oni in our story village. "So ya betta not monkey with me, yeah!"

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Music (C) Monkey Dance by T. Morri

Mixed & Edited by DJ King Canal

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