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Reggie Rascal

Season 1, Ep. 6

Do you know a little boy like Reggie? Or maybe sometimes you behave like Reggie use to behave? That's not cool and I'm gonna tell on you! Well, I hope you don't act like Reggie because Reggie thought Reggie could do whatever Reggie wanted to!

Un-huh for real! So his teacher taught Reggie a lesson he never forgot. And I hope you'll listen to find out what happened and how Reggie now rocks!

Pat McLean-Smith who wrote this story is a poet, doll maker, fiber artist, and with her 1st storybook, an author and storyteller! Yeah, Ms. Pat, you go on sista love! Ms. Pat wrote this story for her spoiled grandchildren, and she gave me permission to spoil YOU too!

Ms. Pat is the founder of Tomorrow's Girl, an enrichment program for young girls in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Show some love to Ms. Pat @ and let her know you heard all about Reggie Rascal in the Story Village!

Reggie Rascal (C) 2020 Pat McLean-Smith

Music (C) Beater Head by New Fools

Mixed by DJ King Canal

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