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Peace & War

Season 1, Ep. 14

A classic Asian folktale on the power of sharing. Will our Queen find out why the people in her Queendom are divided by peace and war?  Kenja, the Japanese wise man guides the Queen to discover why in this timeless lesson on community. You and the Queen will find out why peace is a smile, and war is a frown, just like the cover art.

Listen up as Aunti Oni's beautiful version of this wonderful story touches hearts in villages around the world.

Mixed by DJ King Canal

Adaptation: (c) 2021 Oni Lasana

Music: (c) Rice & Wine by Sight of Wonder

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"I listened to Peace & War this morning and your telling of that moral message was incredible. What a blessing that the world is able to access and enjoy these stories for free. Thank you."

Diane Williams, Author of "The Life and Times of B. B. King" Storyteller, Fibre Artist

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