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racing against the sun/foundation-wise:rock solid

Season 1, Ep. 11

A Nikki Giovanni poem! WOW! Need I say more?

Sure...because if you don't know the poetry of Nikki G...enjoy this wonderful introduction to one of Aunti Oni's favorite poems written by Professor Nikki Giovanni, an iconic poet, author, living legend, and scholar on the African American experience. Nikki holds 21 honorary degrees in the Literary Arts and is known as the "Princess of Poetry" since blooming out of the Black Arts Movement in America.

racing against the sun and foundation-wise:rock-solid touches hearts as a beautiful tribute to nature, people, poetry, books, and butterflies....all of our favorites!

Both poems can be found on the last two pages of the book, Nikki Giovanni's Ego Tripping, and other poems for young people. To show some love, and check out her books or recordings, visit

Copyright © 1968 by Nikki Giovanni

Used by permission of the author

Cover Artwork: George Ford

Music: Road To Joy by Ofelia Moore

Edited & Mixed: DJ King Canal

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