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Annie Mae Jumps The Broom

Season 1, Ep. 12
Take a journey back in time for this special Juneteenth love story! It gives a little look into the culture and traditions of Africans in America. In the 1800s before the Civil War, not all plantations were the same. Marriage between enslaved Africans was not allowed, or they had to be married in secret. Buster and Annie Mae are in love and nothing will stop them from "jumping the broom" to honor the love they had for one another. "Hey Annie Mae, whatcha gonna do today?" Written by Diane Williams, who was born and raised in the village of Newark, NJ. Diane is a cultural storytelling treasure who lives in Jackson, Mississippi. Diane is also the author of The Life and Legacy of B.B. King: A Mississippi Blues Icon, and Mississippi Folk and the Tales They Tell, a winner of Storytelling World Award and Annie Mae Jumps the Broom. A contributing editor for Literacy Development in the Storytelling Classroom, and The Storytelling Classroom - Applications Across the Curriculum, both winners of the Storytelling World Award. A Professional Storyteller, Poet, Teaching and Performing artist, Cultural Arts Consultant, Historical Impersonator, and Mixed-Media Fibre Artist. Diane retired as a director at the Mississippi Art Council and is a member of the Mississippi Humanities Council Speakers Bureau and Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi. Diane is featured in the book,101 English Speaking Storytellers from Around the World. Show some love! Diane would love to hear how you like Annie Mae Jumps The Broom as she is coming out with a new 2020 edition of the book! Visit with Diane: and sign up for her newsletter to stay in touch.Anni Mae Jumps The Broom (C) 1999 Diane Williams Book Cover Illustration: (c) 1999 Anna RiphahnMusic: Sway Together by Hannah JuanitaMixed: DJ King CanalVisit Aunti Oni : www.AuntiOni.funIf you love this story, show you care, and share it with our family & friends everywhere, thanks!Remember *!* The LOVE in your heart wasn't put there to stay, LOVE isn't LOVE until you give it away!