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The Making of Pillow Talk: Online Intimacy Through Sound

How do you create audio that makes you feel as though you're in someone's body? Host Laura Nagy, Audiocraft Senior Producer Jess Hamilton, Audiocraft Sound Engineer Adam Connelly and Composer Freya Berkhout sit down to chat all about collaborating on Audible’s Pillow Talk, a podcast memoir-documentary series detailing Laura’s personal experiences in the ASMR online community.

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  • The Making of An Impossible Choice: Audio Journalism vs. Print Journalism

    What are the differences between audio and print journalism? Audiocraft Executive Producer Jessica Bineth talks to Guardian writer and host Cherelle Jackson and Guardian Pacific Editor and Executive Producer Kate Lyons about the making of the Guardian's Full Story series An Impossible Choice. Full Story is the Guardian's daily podcast providing a deeper understanding to the headlines in Australia and beyond. The series An Impossible Choice spoke to Pacific Islanders who have been forced to make devastating decisions due to a climate crisis not of their making.Listen to the An Impossible Choice series hereTranscript available here
  • 2. The Making of Search Engine Sex: Searching for the Right Answers

    So how do you have sex? In this episode of the Audiocraft Podcast, Audiocraft producers Bernadette Nguyen and Selena Shannon chat with creator and host Rowdie Walden about developing and producing Spotify Australia and New Zealand’s first original podcast Search Engine Sex, a podcast answering the internet’s most burning sex and relationship questions.Transcript available here
  • 1. The Making of Not Alone: Telling Stories About Mental Health

    How do you ensure the best outcome for everyone when talking about mental health distress? In this episode of the Audiocraft Podcast, Audiocraft producer Sam Loy talks to Beyond Blue’s Darcy Sutton and Sarah Alexander about the making of award-winning podcast Not Alone, a podcast hosted by Mark Fennell where everyday Australians talk about their mental health journey to help you with yours. Transcript available here
  • 12. Sounds of July 31 2020 — Mic on Nature Soundscape

    This bonus episode of the Audiocraft Podcast is the Mic on Nature soundscape, collected by Audiocraft attendees all around the world and edited together by the team behind the Brain on Nature podcast.To hear more about the sounds you hear, and about the making of Brain on Nature, listen to Episode 11: Mic on Nature. This episode is pure soundscape, so you can revisit it anytime.Transcript available here
  • 5. Risky Business

    Five audio makers give provocations on the theme ‘risk’; what risk sounds like, how it feels to take it, how we make room for taking risk in our storytelling. Who defines what’s ‘risky’ or ‘safe’, in an audio story, a career, an industry? After listening to Pat Abboud (ABC / JCAF), Sarah Dingle (ABC), Marlee Silva (Tiddas 4 Tiddas / Always was, always will be our stories), Jessica Hamilton (Slaughterhouse Road) and Renay Richardson (Broccoli Content), you won’t think about risk in the same way again.Transcript available here
  • 3. Queer Audio Stories

    For three years the podcast Nancy (WNYC) told stories about the queer experience, from a queer perspective. In conversation with Benjamin Law (Stop Everything!) co-hosts Tobin Low and Kathy Tu reflect on what they learnt from making the podcast, how they changed as producers, and what the show meant to listeners and to them.Transcript available here
  • 2. The Power of Audio

    Matt Lieber is head of podcast operations at Spotify and the co-founder of Gimlet Media. In this episode, you’ll hear Matt’s story on how Gimlet was built and why they joined Spotify, as well as what all this tells us about the growth of audio storytelling and the future of the industry.Matt’s joined for questions by Prithi Dey, Podcast Partner Manager at Spotify Australia and New Zealand.Transcript available here
  • 7. Under the Hood: Project O

    True collaboration is more than just working together. Good collaborations can change the entire scope of a project, and audio-making objectives. In this episode, go Under the Hood with a long-term collaboration between Big hART, Audiocraft and teenage girls around the country, with Project O’s audio diaries.Transcript available here