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PUA as the fanboys of masculinity

Hayley Quinn talks to founder of 'The Sexual Life' Steve Mayeda about all he's learned from his wild years of pick up through to successful manhood. They talk: What manhood means Why pick up has it wrong Why PUA is the fanboy of masculinity Find out more about Steve at

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  • Are You Curious About Sex? New Podcast!

    Are you curious about sex? We are.... AttractionHQ has been on pause but I'm back with a brand new podcast that you can find at It will give you the ultimate modern woman's insight into love, sex and dating... Please comment, share, subscribe and let me know what you think.
  • Why you should embrace sextech

    Why sex toys aren't to be feared... today I talk to 'Chief Pleasure Office' Stephanie from about technological advancements in pleasure, why men using sex toys is cool and what the future of sex looks like
  • How to manage 'approach anxiety'

    How to overcome approach anxiety. Today I talk to Shawn from about strategies for overcoming anxiety, why social skills aren't manipulative and how to be a better communicator.
  • Hacking online dating

    I interview Ben from Super Fit Dad about how you can hack online dating apps
  • Exit the mindset for rejection

    I chat to Charles Rare @rare_thoughts about why you can't go up to her expecting it to fail! Better mindsets and skills for how you can say hello to her coming your way
  • How to respond to a 'no'

    This week I talk to Rosie about how you can respond to a no and ask for consent! controversial female friendly podcast for men as usual...
  • Why love has to evolve

    Love needs a new strategy - my HQ Club Manager AlexVanV and I take you through what needs to change. Support this awesome empowering message by voting for me to speak at SXSW
  • What you can learn from a male escort (!)

    In my latest controversial podcast I interview Garren James from about what it takes to be a paid male escort... and what women really are into! This interview blew my mind, I hope you enjoy it :)
  • How to react when she gets angry at you

    How to react when your girlfriend reacts negatively to you. I discuss communications skills for relationships with coach and performer Ashley.