Attack of the Final Girls


Heredi-terrified (Hereditary - 2018)

Ep. 27

In honor of the podcast's one year anniversary Juliet and Theresa decided to celebrate by diving into one of modern horror's more emotionally heavy offerings: Ari Aster's 2018 film Hereditary. Luckily this film allows them to once again talk about some their favorite topics: issues of identity in cinema, greek mythology, and why you probably shouldn't conduct a seance.

Content warnings: mental illness and mental health, suicide, brief mentions of pregnancy loss

Additional reading/listening:

"Let’s Talk About the Scene With the Car in Hereditary" by Jordan Crucchiola (via Vulture)

"Trans Horror Stories and Society's Fear of the Transmasculine Body" by Sasha Geffen (via Them)

"Hereditary Is a Heart-Wrenching Depiction of Schizophrenia" from Psychoanalysis: A Horror Therapy Podcast (via the Consequence Podcast Network)

Theme music: "Book of Shadows" by Houseghost (Rad Girlfriend Records)