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Free extract from ATTACK WARNING RED audiobook

An extract from my upcoming book's audiobook. This is taken from the book's final chapter, 'Nuclear War at the BBC', and looks at the controversy surrounding The War Game. We go from the glitzy 1967 Oscar ceremony to panicked talk of mass suicides if the film made it to British television.

I hope you enjoy it.

The audiobook is read by me, and can be pre-ordered NOW from all trusted audiobook retailers. It will then be available for full download on publication day, 6th April.

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  • N.E.A.R.

    In the 1960s, America considered the N.E.A.R. system: a little black box you plug into the wall which acts as a personal air raid alarm.
  • Atomic Wonderland

    It's 1951 and Churchill is back in Downing Street - but is he living in "atomic wonderland"?You can support the podcast and get extra episodes here can make a one-off donation to the podcast here you can buy my book here you.
  • Sorry We Missed You!

    Clement Attlee's efforts in 1950 to make America promise to consult Britain before launching the nukes.<a href="">Join my Patreon here and get extra podcast episodes.</a><a href=""> Buy my book, ATTACK WARNING RED!, here </a>
  • Ted Turner's Doomsday Video

    The short video recorded by CNN which would be broadcast if nuclear war started.You can buy my book, ATTACK WARNING RED here: you can support the podcast and get extra episodes at Patreon here:
  • Four Minutes to Midnight - 1981 BBC lecture

    In 1981, Protect and Survive Monthly claimed they had been "attacked" in a BBC lecture. I found the lecture, and analyse it here. You can find it on YouTube at this link can buy a copy of my book, ATTACK WARNING RED: HOW BRITAIN PREPARED FOR NUCLEAR WAR here: you can join my Patreon here you for listening.
  • The Growling Bombers

    The arrival in Britain of the B-29s in 1948.
  • The Bloody Union Jack on Top of It!

    Britain's decision to build their own atomic bomb.You can listen to my book on Radio 4 here
  • Four Minutes of Threads, Part 26

    Standard life - for all of your life!Rat-trading, pylon-snapping, dog-barking, umbilical cord-chewing, starving, freezing Threads!Remember my book, ATTACK WARNING RED, goes out on Radio 4 this week, every day, as Book of the Week. Get in on radio, iPlayer, or on the BBC Sounds app. And if you like it, you can buy it here:
  • Project Sunshine, Part 2

    The secret plutonium experiments carried out in Cold War America.You can buy Attack Warning Red: How Britain Prepared for Nuclear War here: you for listening.Julie