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S1 Ep 6: MADELEINE SHAW - Food Writer

Season 1, Ep. 6

With three best-selling cookbooks to her name, Madeleine Shaw is more than your average food blogger. As a nutritionist, her approach to cooking is all about balance - never more so now she’s expecting her first child! We talk about her food writing journey from Aussie east coast to London, sat around a plate of her signature chocolate chip cookies. You can listen along, and see photos of the items we talk about in this episode, on Acast. Find us on the app, or at


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  • 3. The Grand Finale & A Walk Down Podcasting Memory Lane

    This week we round things off for the season with an EXTREMELY food heavy ‘Top 5’, a ‘Would You Rather Segment’ that ends up getting deep and a walk down podcasting memory lane as we recount the highs and lows of ‘At Home With’ over the past four years. Plus we just want to say a HUGE thank you to our listeners - your support has been incredible. You are such good eggs and we’re sending all the good vibes your way. THANK YOU! PEAK OF THE WEEK: ANNA: The Ivy Truffle Arancini Balls  TOP OF THE BOX:LILY: Stanley Tucci ‘Searching For Italy’ on CNN 100% YUMANNA: Chicago Town Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Submit your questions at Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit 
  • 2. Living Abroad: An Interview with Hannah!

    This week we chat to Lily’s BFF Hannah who gives us the downlow on living downunder and her experiences with moving abroad; from sorting out finances to family expectation, we cover it ALL.  TOP OF THE BOX:LILY: The Handmaid’s TaleANNA: RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 6 (Netflix) Watch Like Share Repeat:Food Reels ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Submit your questions at Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit 
  • 1. We’re Back! A Big Ol’ Summer Catch-Up

    This week we talk you through our future plans for the podcast, what we’ve been up to over the past month and Lily’s PREGNANCY!!! TOP OF THE BOX:LILY: The Friends Reunion (Sky) & Luca (Disney+) ANNA: Mare of Easttown (Sky) & Great British Sewing Bee (BBC iPlayer) SHOW & TELL: ANNA: Organic Basics Loungewear Set - OTHER THINGS MENTIONED:Calcot Manor - Go Boats - Quinoa Salad Recipe - Non-Alcoholic Pimm’s Recipe - Tomato Tart Recipe - Anna’s Favourite ARKET Dress - Lily’s Favourite Mango Dress - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Submit your questions at Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit 
  • 10. A Grand Finale with Mark & Rich

    This week we persuade the guys to jump in again and share their thoughts on everything from parenting and women’s health, to their skincare routines and where they stand on the spaghetti and ketchup debate TOP OF THE BOX:MARK: Gardeners World (BBC) SHOW & TELL: RICH: Costco Wendy House  100% YUM:RICH: Joe & The Juice Tuna & Avocado Toastie MARK: Waitrose & Partners Frozen Pain aux Rasin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Submit your questions at Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit
  • 9. Lily & Anna: UNFILTERED

    This week we’re UNFILTERED. We’re answering the juiciest set of questions yet. The ones you thought we’d never answer, but now we are… TOP OF THE BOX:LILY: Palmer 100% YUM:ANNA: ‘Dessert Person’ by Claire Saffitz ‘Birthday Cake’ & ‘Cream Cheese Frosting’ Recipes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Submit your questions at Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit 
  • 8. ‘Our First Time…’: Double Dates, Periods & Realising You’re An Adult

    This week we talk through our first time experiences; from the first double date that we went on together, to our first brand trips and coming on our periods for the first time, to the first time our lives flashed before our eyes - love to end the episode on a high, eh? TOP OF THE BOX:LILY:: Just Mercy 100% YUM:ANNA: ‘Cook This Book’ - Molly Baz - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Submit your questions at Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit 
  • 7. Unpopular Opinions #2: Interior Disagreements & Gross Food Combos

    We revisit one of our most popular formats and dig deep once again into your unpopular opinions; including some of the grimmest food combinations we’ve heard of, a debate about Nando’s and this week’s ‘thong debate’ section is replaced by a ‘sock debate’ instead… SHOW & TELL:LILY: La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 Aquagel spf30 ANNA: Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer in 2N - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Submit your questions at Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit
  • 6. An Early Pregnancy Chat & First Trimester Realness

    So Anna’s pregnant and we finally let you in on a secret recording from early March where we discussed e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g first trimester; from knowing when you’re ‘ready’ to start trying, the two week wait, nausea, tiredness, THE HORMONES who to tell and when - you get the gist.PEAK OF THE WEEK ANNA: Veg In One Bed by Huw Edwards - TOP OF THE BOX LILY: Promising Young Woman (Sky Movies)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Submit your questions at Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit 
  • 5. The Business Side of Blogging: Contracts, Creative Control & The Jobs We Regret

    This week we’re touching on the business side of blogging; the behind the scenes of contracts, briefs, key messages and creative control, the brand deals we wouldn’t do again and what the hell are affiliate links and MORE.  TOP OF THE BOX LILY: Ginny & Georgia (Netflix), The Flight Attendant (NowTV) 100% YUM:ANNA: Food 52 Sourdough Hot Cross Buns Recipe - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Submit your questions at Find us at @lilypebbles and @theannaedit