Athletico Mince


Parsnips 42: Crawling Under A Horse

Historical fear, Harry’s Farm, skip talk, a door, Eddie and Amanda Baby visit the Beardsleys, and Dom pods.

More Episodes

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    To celebrate his return to management, here’s a round-up of Roy’s appearances from Mince 86 all the way to Parsnips 19.
  • Boiled Parsnips 30: Amanda Baby

    Fresh blood for Geordie Heat, pre-season Lawro, a distance quiz, hot Scholes, Steve and Casper at home, and a Milky call. (Rec: 20/7/22)
  • Ep. 123 - Gateshead Revolution

    An emotional hotel, machine talk, Mr Sting’s Alexa problem, treadmill friction, Cliff’s croissants, and some Littlepodding.
  • The Homeowner Collection Vol. 2

    Here’s the best of Barry Homeowner from episodes 42 to 68… ciao bella!
  • Parsnips 44: What Are Machines?

    Kings Cross, foil, Harry’s barbecue, sleep, party foods, zombies, and more.
  • The Slaughters Collection Vol. 2

    A compilation of Bob’s visits to spy on Adrian Lewis at the Slaughters restaurant from Parsnips 5 to Mince 109.
  • The Beardsley Joke Collection Vol. 2

    Short but sweet, it’s another selection from Peter’s joke book, from episodes 82 to 113… dog dirt.
  • Ep 122 - New Ray Gun

    Plasterboard fixings, Crime Files, Roy returns, Martin visits a mouse, a showbiz centre call, the shipping forecast, and a Scottish Tale.
  • Boiled Parsnips 29: Make Time For Lemon Curd

    Country music, run flat tyres, Lord Bamford, Lawro at Wimbledon, the BMLC, and Martin visits Roy. (Rec: 28/6/22)