At the Crossroads

At the Crossroads is a podcast, released that focuses on musical analysis of, broadly speaking, the genres of traditional, folk and ancient music across the world. As a professional musician in the area of Irish traditional music and bluegrass, my focus may tend to gravitate towards these styles. However, my musical interest is broad and, even if my own expertise on a different musical sphere is limited, I am still inclined to host shows based on something interesting from an inquisitive perspective. Add to this the fact that I will be bringing on a host of different guests to talk about their own music and/or various styles on which they are knowledgeable. At the Crossroads is exploratory in nature as much as it is analytical and presentative. Although many themes will be musicological or ethomusicological in context and appreciated by those with an understanding or interest in research of this kind, it's also a way for those with limited musical knowledge to broaden their own horizons and palette.

On this final point, worthy of note is that interviewees, while for the most will be connected with the world of music and song, will not be exclusively tied to this cultural area. If somebody has an interesting story to tell about their life or passions that can relate to and/or inform the larger, musical side to this podcast then I'm satisfied to give them air time.

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