At The Controls


The Need for Speed

Season 1, Ep. 9

In this special addition we feature James Allison, Technical Director of the Mercedes Benz Formula 1 team, in conversation with Chris Papaioanu, Commanding Officer, STRIKE, at the US Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center. They compares notes on running high performing teams, James discusses what makes Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff so special and Chris talks about Top Gun, the pinnacle of US Naval aviation. They compare notes on leadership and the common approach they both have to getting the best out of teams. They are joined in the podcast by Calum Douglas, author of the outstanding new book 'The Secret Horsepower Race' detailing the engineering war that took place between the Allied and Axis aviation engine designers during WW2. Lessons learned were quickly forgotten, and Calum has unearthed some remarkable insights that are very relevant today. James Allison wrote the foreword to Calum's book, the details of which were presented to the Mercedes F1 team during a lunch time lecture. The team was riveted.

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Talent, Triumph and Tragedy

Season 1, Ep. 7
Esteban Gutiérrez is an impressive man, accomplished racer and important part of the Mercedes-AMG F1 team. A Champion in Formula BMW and GP3, he finished 3rd in GP2 before embarking on a Formula 1 career which witnessed two seasons racing for Sauber before becoming a test driver for Ferrari and latterly Mercedes. He is also an ambitious businessman with a big future in our sport and took time out from his schedule to sit down with Jonathan Legard. Actually face to face and in person, no Zoom involved - remember that?Sam Bradley and Holly Chapman may not yet be famous, but they have already had one big moment in the sun when Mercedes' bosses invited them to represent the team during the Formula 1 podium ceremonies in Austria and Belgium. They share their career journeys and relate what's it's like to be asked by the boss to join Lewis or Valtteri on the top step. Sam's a mechanic on Lewis's car while Holly is responsible for all of Valtteri's power units, but both were equally blown away by the experience.David Tremayne, partner to Joe Saward on Grand Prix Plus, talks to us about his republished biography of Austrian World Champion Jochen Rindt, friend of Bernie Ecclestone, best pal to Helmut Marko and a major part of the 1960's Formula 1 jetset before losing his life at the Italian Grand Prix in 1970. Our sport's only posthumous World Champion.Jonathan and Mark discuss Sebastian Vettel's departure from Ferrari and arrival at Aston Martin together with the news that Fernando Alonso will not be racing for Renault next season - it's going to be renamed and rebranded as Alpine F1. Meanwhile two of Formula 1's biggest names have been going through some major changes, with Sir Frank Williams exiting his team along with daughter Claire, and McLaren announcing that its Woking HQ is being offering for sale to investors in order to raise cash during these difficult times.