At The Controls


Daniel Ricciardo, Mandy Hickson, Fred Bteich & Carol Glenn

Season 1, Ep. 6

Daniel Ricciardo on dealing with the pressures of being at the forefront of Formula 1, including a career moment when he had to get away from it all and press the reset button with some friends. Mandy Hickson on her new book An Officer Not a Gentleman, relating tales of her journey to becoming only the 2nd woman to flight Tornado GR4's for the RAF. Fernando Alonso fan Fred Bteich on how a 12 year old Lebanese boy fell in love with Formula 1, and found himself as a 29 year old final year neurosurgery resident at a Beirut hospital dealing with the personal and professional aftermath of the catastrophic explosion on August 4th. Carol Glenn on being a black woman who fell in love with motor racing, became a marshal and is now a qualified motorsport event administrator. An inspirational lady who dealt with racism dressed as casual banter, and is taking positive steps to help future generations enjoy the sport she is passionate about.

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