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Difference Between BPO and Call Center | BPO Audio Episode 18

Season 1, Ep. 18

Welcome to another episode of our podcast series, BPO Audio, a place where we talk about all things BPO. In today’s episode, our knowledgeable host, Sophy, our in-house BPO expert, talks about a very interesting and informative topic, “Difference Between BPO and Call Center.”. Join us as we take a look into the core elements that differentiate a BPO and a Call Center. 

In this informative episode, Sophy talks about the fundamental differences that differentiate a BPO from a Call Center. Listen to our podcast to learn that even though these two are both part of the Business Process Outsourcing family, in reality, they are very different indeed. 

Explore the 5 fundamental factors that make these often interchangeable terms so different from one another. Think of it this way, one is a bakery shop that makes a wide range of delicious breads and pastries, while the other is a shop that only makes chocolate cake. Both make baked goods, but what makes them different is the core factor: one offers a wide range of products while the other only sells one specific kind of product. 

Whether you are a business owner looking for a BPO service provider, or a call center, or just simply curious to expand your knowledge base, this podcast episode will certainly help you learn more about call centers and the BPO industry.

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