ASL BPO's Podcast

ASL BPO is an outsourcing solutions provider that provides business solutions worldwide. In our podcast, we talk about business, entrepreneurs, startups, digital marketing, how to grow your business and increase sales, and much more!

Zayed Ahmed

Zayed Ahmed is the founder and CEO of ASL BPO. An outsourcing firm that provides business solutions to clients all around the world. Although he completed his Bachelors's in Microbiology & his Master's in Biotechnology, he built his career in digital marketing and outsourcing. He has been involved with the outsourcing industry since 2009 and has great in-depth knowledge in the field. Listen to his podcast on business and digital marketing related topic to gain insights and knowledge about the future of the industy.

Kamrun Nahar Khan

Kamrun Nahar Khan is an enthusiastic video anchor who joined ASL BPO's digital marketing team in 2022. She is hard-working, lively, and very passionate about the work she does.