Ask a Librarian with Julie Chavez


Translating Ways of Being with Alexis Romay & Meg Medina

Season 2, Ep. 18

Meg Medina is the author of the popular middle-grade series about Mercedes Suarez, a character who came to her in a short story she originally penned for an anthology. But, as is so often the case, that’s merely the beginning of the story. In this episode, Meg and Julie are joined by Alexis Romay, a poet, author, and translator of the Merci Suarez series. Alexis, Meg, and Julie have a thoughtful discussion about the art of translation. Alexis begins with empathy, and speaks beautifully about translating not words, but ways of being. Meg reminds us that a translator aspires to be invisible on the page, but should never be invisible in the work itself. Meg and Alexis share their valuable insight on the unique perspectives of the children of immigrants, developing a love of multilingualism, and the many quirks of language. They offer to return when Julie publishes her memoir, and Julie has already agreed to put herself in the hands of these two lovely, intelligent, loquacious Cubans for what promises to be a fun interview. 

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