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Ascended Masters At Work, 2/14/18 Guest, Midori A Verity

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Ascended Masters At Work with Shirlene Reeves,Guest, Leslie Juvin-Acker

Show SummaryLeslie Juvin-Acker joins host Shirlene Reeves to discuss a different perspective toward a woman's understanding of how to make money work. You'll discover why your perceived value and what you charge is worth so much more than you think. Entrepreneurs get new insights on business and how to enhance your understanding of money.Show HighlightsDiscover your first thought when you hear the word moneyFind out why most hearlers think it's unethical to charge money for their servicesLearn how money and your purpose flow together to assist with developing your businessFind out what your clients are thinking when it comes to the rates you chargeThe secret to getting on the Money Formula Freedom TrainLeslie's Gift To My Listeners: Download the Happiness Decks app FREE on Apple Store/Google Play Us On Social MediaAscended Masters Facebook Fan Page: Masters Home Page:, #Coaches, #Healers, #entrepreneurs, #SellingThroughYourHeart, Shirlene Reeves, #Business, #Sales, #MaximizeYourWealthNow, #speaking, #authors, #stages, #keynote, #TedTalks, #podcasts, #media, #AscendedMastersAtWork, Leslie Juvin-Acker, #moneu

Ascended Masters at Work with Shirlene Reeves, Guest, Brian Smith

SummaryIf you have a pair of Ugg boots sitting in your closet or on your feet right now you can't help but wonder who brought them to your attention and what mistakes and growth that were learned along the way. Brian Smith, the guest on this show is launching his new book The Birth Of A Brand in an effort to support entrepreneurs in getting further along on their path. On this show I bring you the real story behind the story. I know you're going to love it.Host Shirlene Reeves features Brian SmithShow HighlightsGet the secret formula for successful brand marketingFind out how Uggs got started 40 years agoDiscover how they became a fashion statement & who wore them first in the U.S.Find out what timing makes an impact on your product launchThe importance of knowing your target market "You don't have to know the end result when you start out." Brian SmithGet Brian's book: The Birth Of A Brand on Amazon Through Your Heart on Amazon: Us On Social MediaAscended Masters Facebook Fan Page: Masters Home Page:

Ascended Masters at Work with Shirlene Reeves

Discover the 3 easy steps to receiving messages, from your other self, that make a vast difference in your life today. When you hear Shirlene's message you'll say to yourself, "Is that all I have to do? I could have done this years ago if I'd known how. For sure I could have avoided making so many mistakes." Learn these 3 steps and you'll be free to live in harmony.Show HighlightsChange today the outlook of your future quickly and easilyLearn 3 Steps to working with your personal guidance systemStop making disastrous decisions that create years of painDiscover how to build trust and take action with certainty in your personal guidance systemShirlene's gift: Download her book, Selling Through Your Heart, for FREE right now. Teaching From Shirlene Reeves & Her GuidesHello my fellow master's. I'm really excited that you're back with me this week. I've been experiencing some very deep meditation. I've been given some thoughts about what I should share with you and you're actually going to receive a series from us. I think you'll find it very enlightening.What I'm talking about is, are you awake enough to answer some very important questions? These questions will ultimately change the course of your life into peace, harmony, abundance, and freedom. And in everything I read, all text seems to center around those experiences of peace, harmony, abundance and freedom. And we hear it over and over and over again, but we really don't think much about it. Have you ever noticed that?You know, we come to earth with great plans and purpose. Purpose is so important for why we are here. One of those questions is, what is your purpose? Why are you here on earth? What is the reason that you walk Earth right now at this time? You know, millions of people have been here and left and we haven't received millions of gifts from those people who came. So what is the gift that you have to give people here on earth? What will you leave behind? And the biggest question is how will you contribute or did you contribute already and are you in the process of contributing the next thing?You see, what happens is our purpose evolves over time as we have more experience here in Earth school and as we grow older. So perhaps the purpose that we had in the very beginning when we came to earth, maybe in our teens or twenties, isn't at all the same as what it is today. Have you noticed that? Or maybe we aren't even thinking about our purpose.There's so many that come to me as entrepreneurs and I coach them and the first thing I say to them is, "What is your purpose? What are you meant to teach while you are here on earth?" Do you know that the majority of them say to me, "I don't know what my purpose is. I've never really thought about that. I just know I want to help people." Or, "I just know that I am meant to be a nurse, but I don't really know what I'm going to leave behind or what my purpose is."The reason that you probably may not have thought of it is that we live in a material world and we come in with the best of intentions, but we focus only on doing, doing, doing. Have you noticed that? We're always doing. We can never sit still. We have to be entertained every minute and if we aren't being entertained by TV or reading or we have to just get out, we have to get out of the house and we can't just sit with who we are. Then we're all about the practice of doing and not being.Being means that we practice following the urgings of our other self leading to a practice of wellbeing and peace. That's how you create harmony, is by listening to that little voice in the back of your head. But how, you might be asking, how do I do it? Life is so hectic. I have to earn money to support my family. There is no time. So there it is. To be honest with you, it's all about time because time, as you know, stops for no one and this is one of our greatest fears. We all know time leads toward our ultimate demise, don't we? We'll talk about the fear of time in depth in another segment and you'll learn how to manage those fears, diffuse anger and connect for guidance.So let's go back to the question of how we can slow down and practice listening to the guidance of our 'other self'. I'm sure you've heard this before, but you didn't trust what you heard or simply blew it off because you weren't ready for it at the time. Or you forgot it while continuing on in your hypnotic rhythm of routine. If you've been listening to that little voice, it may have told you to turn right today instead of left, while sitting at a stoplight, to avoid an accident or excessive traffic. Have you ever heard that little voice come up in the back of your mind and you go, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." Well, I do it too and I also say, "I don't want to do that. I'm not ready to do something like that."But the voice is your higher self. Some people call it God. Some people call it the universe. Some people call it a message of Buddha or Jesus. It really doesn't matter what you call it. Napoleon Hill calls it your 'other self'. I call it Spirit. Call it what you will, but it's there, nagging you in the back of your mind. You know when it's there, because you can think of times in your life where it popped in and said, "Don't do this." But then we all have free will so we can do it if we want to, and we find out later. It might've been the biggest mistake we've ever made. It might've even taken us down the rabbit hole for three to five years at a time. Yep. You know that little voice in the back of your mind, and I'll tell you, my little voice gets louder and louder and louder the more I ignore it.In fact, it may tell you to move to a place you might never have considered before. You'd have to uproot everything that you knew in your life, your friends, your family.This has happened to me a number of times. I was living over on Maui for five years, training under Wayne Dyer and Ram das when I was told, no, you have to move back to the mainland and you'll go to northern California. So I did. I went back to the mainland and lived in Walnut Creek. Then my next command, after three years of building a community and relationships all up and down that corridor, I was told it was time for me to move to San Diego. And I thought, San Diego, all my friends are here, and when I told them they burst into tears. They just couldn't believe I was leaving the area. And I did move to San Diego because that was what my son kept asking me to do and I wanted to be closer to my son and my grandchildren. But when I said I was going to San Diego, I had already received a message that said I would only be there for two years so I shouldn't get comfortable and that I was to write my book.It took me exactly two years to publish my book, 'Selling Through Your Heart. As soon as that book was completed, I was told, "You'll be moving to San Felipe, Mexico." And when I got the message that I'd be leaving in two years I asked, "Then where am I going?" But there was no answer. It didn't come until the end of those two years. And then it exploded into my mind. I had to move from San Diego to San Felipe. Again, I was in such pain leaving all my friends. I'd already lost many of those who were in Northern California and I knew what was to come with these friends. And I loved being in that area because two thirds of the transformational leaders are there and so were my son and my grandchildren.But the sad part is I had an opportunity to really look at what was going on in my life, with my family at that time, and I was being left out of family excursions and only used to fill in for maybe absent nannies or 6:00 AM workouts that my daughter in law wanted to go to. I was really lonely. It seemed like I was always waiting to be included and never asked. And that if I couldn't do something for her, I wasn't worth her time. Then I got a message that said, "You're not needed here, but you are desperately needed in San Felipe. There you will feel loved and wanted."So at a dinner, I told my son I'm not needed here. I tried to explain that I wasn't included in the family outings and that I was just done waiting. I said that I'd given it two years and there wasn't much of a result. So I decided to move to San Felipe, come the following September, which was only a couple months away. My son's wife was furious. She became defensive, in her response, and that was over the noise of Benihana. It was so crowded there and since that time she has become angry because one piece of mail arrived at her address and I no longer feel welcome in their home. She's put restrictions on my one on one time with the children and ruined my relationship with my son. All because I wanted to move away.Today, I thank her for my freedom as there is no longer any expectation on my time. That's kind of a good feeling and there's a lot of people here that feel the exact same way. Through the process of meditation and forgiving her, I found that her angry outbursts really came as a result of her long, harbored anger toward her own mother, who was a drug addict that held a gun to her head. Understanding her pain perpetuates my knowing that the challenges we share together, she and I, have nothing to do with me. I can do nothing to make our relationship any better until she addresses her anger toward her own mother.I could see, in her mind, the pain and anger she harbored during our last experience while we were standing in the laundry room of all places. For 17 minutes she recanted, with reprimand, everything she thought I'd done wrong in the previous 10 years while my son sat idly by sayingnothing.Get the full transcript: with Shirlene Reeves on social mediaFB: Plus: Masters At Work Weekly Podcast: Teacher,Author, SpeakerWebsite:, #ShirleneReeves, #Author, #AscendedMastersAtWork, #MassiveVisibility, #Entrepreneur,#speaker, #stage, #Podcast, #Sales, #WomeninBusiness, #MastersSpeak, #MaximizeWealth, #Business, #purpose, #Lifejourney, #Speaker, #sales, #Spiritual, #Finance, #WeathMastery, #MediaTrainer