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Articles From The Experts - Watches In The Movies

Season 1, Ep. 28

The art of film making in the early 1990s meant that story telling ranked far higher above the constant worry that film makers these days have that a prop might have been out of place, or even worse out of period.

In this episode, senior valuer & wristwatch specialist, Alastair Meiklejon takes a look at watches worn in the movies and the films that have got the historical details spot on.

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  • 53. Articles From The Experts – This Week’s Jewellery Pick

    In this episode jewellery specialist Aurélia Turrall explores the history of mourning jewellery, and its popularity since Queen Victoria's mourning period after Prince Albert's death. She looks at the enduring appeal of mourning jewels, not merely as fashion statements but as heartfelt tributes to the departed.
  • 52. Articles From The Experts – The Watch Market In 2024 – The Ups And Downs, Smiles And Frowns

    In this episode senior valuer and wristwatch specialist Alastair Meiklejon looks at the current wristwatch market. Recently, the view of the wristwatch world has changed completely with secondary market prices dropping, particularly for top-tier watches. However, amidst the turmoil, certain watches like the Rolex 'Starbucks' and the Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph saw value increases, signalling potential stability. Meanwhile, industry innovation continues with standout releases like the Piaget Polo '79 and collaborations such as Victoria Beckham's with Breitling. As the market adapts, new investment opportunities emerge, demonstrating the resilience of the watch industry.
  • 51. Articles From The Experts – Designer Jewellery Trends - An Upward Curve?

    Undoubtedly, values within the designer jewellery world have experienced notable boosts in recent years. A distinctive amalgamation of the post-pandemic surge in luxury goods, an escalation in social media's influence on purchasing behaviors, wider inflation, and bullion prices have all played roles in fostering an exceptionally vibrant environment. As retail prices rise, the value of sought-after designer pieces on the secondary market has kept pace. In this episode, written by jewellery and watch specialist Liz Bailey, we look at some examples.
  • 50. Articles From The Experts – The Books Of Beatrix Potter

    In this episode, rare book and manuscript specialist Richard Fattorini explores Beatrix Potter's timeless works. From the humble beginnings of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" to the enchanting allure of Potter's illustrations, her books are still cherished to this day, with some first editions being highly sought-after collector's items.
  • 49. Articles From The Experts – Easter Eggs

    Eggs have been part of Easter celebrations for hundreds of years. In this episode silver & jewellery specialist, Jenny Knott explores their history and looks at perhaps the most famous of all Easter eggs, the Fabergé egg.
  • 48. Articles From The Experts – All That Glisters Isn’t Gold

    Since ancient times silver and gold have been highly regarded for their natural beauty as well as their intrinsic value but why is there such a discrepancy in their values?In this episode silver specialist, Fiona Hamilton explores why gold is worth so much more than silver and tells us what to look for and avoid if you’re interested in investing.
  • 47. Articles From The Experts – The Timeless Appeal Of Mouseman Furniture

    A true sign of an endearing artist is that of the moniker - we have seen it recently with Banksy, but perhaps one of the trendsetters in this field was actually a Victorian woodworker from Yorkshire, called Robert Thompson. Otherwise known as ‘Mouseman’ or ‘Mousey’, his rarer pieces of furniture can fetch tens of thousands of pounds at auction.In this episode, Senior Valuer & Wristwatch Specialist, Alastair Meiklejon looks back at his illustrious career.
  • 46. Articles From The Experts – Unveiling The Brilliance, Lab-grown Diamonds

    What do you call diamonds that are not formed underground but grown in a controlled environment that mimics the conditions under which natural diamonds develop? So, are they synthetic, lab-grown or factory grown or simply ‘diamonds’?In this episode, jewellery and watches specialist, Annabell Parry explains how lab-grown diamonds are produced, how they can be told apart from natural diamonds and looks the retail market surrounding them.
  • 45. Articles From The Experts – Antique Jewellery

    Antique, heirloom second-hand jewellery is a finite commodity, sometimes incorporating unrepeatable craftsmanship and irreplaceable gemstones. In this episode, jewellery specialist, Aurélia Turrall looks at some exceptional examples of antique jewellery. To see the beautiful pieces talked about in this article, please head to