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Articles From The Experts

Articles From The Experts – Angelica Kauffman

Season 1, Ep. 57

Angelica Kauffman (1741-1807), was a founder member of the Royal Academy and one of the most sought-after portrait painters of her generation. In this episode old master specialist David Dallas looks at her life and career.

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  • 61. Articles From The Experts – This Week’s Jewellery Pick

    A red carpet is always a good opportunity to see some of the most beautiful haute couture and jewellery which are inaccessible to most of us. In this episode jewellery specialist Aurélia Turrall, looks at some beautiful pieces of Tiffany & Co jewellery, worn by the Mistress of Ceremony of the 77th Cannes Festival, Camille Cottin.
  • 60. Articles From The Experts – Jewellery Remodelling And Rediscovering Lost Treasures

    In an age where sustainability reigns as a paramount concern, the world of luxury is undergoing a profound transformation. Amidst this shift, an ancient practice finds renewed relevance: jewellery remodelling.In this episode engagement ring specialist and fine jewellery designer Charlotte Leigh looks at how this artful process breathes new life into forgotten treasures, championing environmental stewardship while indulging in the opulence of the past.
  • 59. Articles From The Experts – This Week’s Jewellery Pick

    In this episode, jewellery specialist Aurélia Turrall looks at the exquisite costume design in the award-winning show The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, and in particular a stunning double-strand peach pearl necklace.
  • 58. Articles From The Experts – Cash In The Attic

    For those whose homes are filled with antiques and art – particularly when they have been treasured family possessions for generations – potential replacement values for insurance can be overlooked. In this episode, art & antiques specialist Stephanie Connell shares a few examples where interesting history and excellent quality have smashed auction estimates.
  • 56. Articles From The Experts – Safes And Why You Need Them

    Selecting the right safe is very important. A home safe is a great tool for keeping your valuables secure, but there are several factors to consider to ensure that you have the right level of protection and that your insurance is valid. In this episode, Director of Private Client Services at Insafe, Jenny Cooper, shares her tips and recommendations on why you need a safe.
  • 55. Articles From The Experts – This Week's Jewellery Pick

    This week’s jewellery pick is a distinctive gold piece: an alligator hinged bangle crafted by Barry Kieselstein-Cord. Renowned initially for sterling silver creations, he garnered fame with his unique designs, attracting celebrities and collaborations with brands such as Calvin Klein. In this episode jewellery specialist Aurélia Turrall takes a closer look at his work.
  • 54. Articles From The Experts – Swatch: When The 80s Were Good, They Were Very Good

    In the world of watches, Swatch reigns supreme with its unique blend of affordability, innovation, and style. Emerging in 1983 as a reaction against the quartz crisis, Swatch defied convention, and rose to prominence with their inexpensive and reliable watches. In this episode Senior Valuer & Wristwatch Specialist Alastair Meiklejon takes a closer look at the company.
  • 53. Articles From The Experts – This Week’s Jewellery Pick

    In this episode jewellery specialist Aurélia Turrall explores the history of mourning jewellery, and its popularity since Queen Victoria's mourning period after Prince Albert's death. She looks at the enduring appeal of mourning jewels, not merely as fashion statements but as heartfelt tributes to the departed.