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  • 1. Future of Classical Music

    🎵 Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Artful Maestro Podcast, where we explore the intersection of classical music and the digital age. Hosted by Nenad Leonart, a harpsichordist and organist, this episode delves deep into the historical revolutions that have shaped classical music and how we can adapt to the digital world. 🎵👉 Episode Highlights•The importance of understanding history to shape the future•How revolutions like the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions have impacted the arts•The role of digital transformation in the future of classical music🎁 Special OfferDon't forget to check out our main sponsor, Leonartful Shop for unique gifts and gear for musicians. Use code "ARTFUL5" for a 5% discount on everything! 🎧 Listen to More EpisodesArtful Maestro Podcast🔔 Subscribe & Stay UpdatedRemember to subscribe and hit the bell icon for notifications on future episodes! 📣 Why this podcast? Well, every episode is designed as a guide through the labyrinth of the digital age—especially curated for you, my fellow classical musicians. We’ll talk about digital marketing, unravel the mysteries of social media, explore online portfolio creation, and even chat with other industry experts. Consider this your backstage pass to a harmonious blend of the traditional and the modern. Together, let's transition into a future where classical music not only survives but actually thrives in the digital world.”Watch the full Video version on YouTube here

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