Art Heals All Wounds


Art Heals All Wounds: Candace Roberts, Singer-Songwriter

Season 2, Ep. 15

Today, I’m joined by artist-healer Candace Roberts. She’s a ​​singer, songwriter, and performer, as well as a Certified Hypnotherapist and Journey Accredited Practitioner. Candace is known throughout the Bay Area for her campy, political cabaret shows, but like so many of us who came of age in San Francisco, Candace has been priced out of the city due to the tech boom. We discuss our complicated grief over the Bay Area and the two tracks that Candace wrote in response to the inequity happening in our communities. Candace also shares the stories behind “Take Back Your Beaver” and “Say I Do”ーboth an ode to self-love and confidence. transcript

Topics Covered:

●     Candace’s calling to songwriting and stage performance from a young age

●     The battle for more affordable housing in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and the surrounding communities

●     What it’s like for Candace to visit San Francisco now that she’s relocated to Austin

●     The inspiration behind some of Candace’s songs and accompanying music videos

●     The most important lesson that she learned during her years as a nomadic petsitter


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