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Arise: A Festival of Left Ideas

No more Pinochets in Latin America - Stand with Social Progress & Democracy

Tune into the discussion on building solidarity with progressive movements across the region with...

Guillaume Long, former Ecuadorian foreign Minister // Nathalia Urban, Brasil Wire // Claudia-Turbet Delof, Wiphalas Across the World, Bolivia // Dave McKnight, UNISON NW Region // Gawain Little, General Secretary, General Federation of Trade Unions.

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  • Hugo Chávez, Spark for 21st Century Socialism & Latin American Liberation

    December marks 25 years since Hugo Chávez's election, which sparked the first 'pink tide' in Latin America, leading to great changes in the continent & beyond, with the ideas of socialism & anti-imperialism being discussed again on a global scale.With:Alex Main, Director of International Policy, Center for Economic & Policy Research & witness to the 2002 coup attempt against Chávez & working there until 2008 / / Suize Gilbert, Co-producer of Oliver Stone's 'South of the Border' // Matt Willgress, Labour Outlook & VSC // Logan Williams, Arise Festival Part of the Socialist Ideas series. Hosted by Labour Outlook & supported by Arise - A Festival of Left Ideas in support of the #Chavez25 series of events.
  • Why Labour should join calls for a #CeasefireNow

    With...John McDonnell MP // Beth Winter MP // Richard Burgon MP // Maryam Eslamdoust, TSSA General Secretary // Nabeela Mowlana, Young Labour Chair // Mish Rahman, Labour NEC // Jess Barnard, Labour NECAn online event building the Labour movement's call for a ceasefire in Israel and Gaza, with pressure mounting on Labour's leadership to back a ceasefire.Hosted by Labour & Palestine. Streamed by Arise - A Festival of Left Ideas.
  • An interview with striking Junior Dr Andrew Meyerson

    During the week of strike action from Junior Doctors and BMA Consultants, Labour Outlook sat down with striking Junior Doctor Andrew Meyerson. Tune into for a discussion on the unprecedented levels of strike action and the policies needed to reverse 13 years of Tory austerity and back-door privatisation.Junior Doctors are back on strike from October 2-5th. An in-depth interview from Arise Festival's media partner Labour Outlook.
  • The Cost of Greed Crisis: Causes and Escape Routes - Grace Blakeley and John McDonnell in Conversation

    Join Grace Blakeley, economist and author of 'Stolen: How to Save the World from Financialisation', and former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP for an in-depth discussion on the deep economic crisis & the socialist response.Hosted by Arise - A Festival of Left Ideas & the Labour Assembly Against Austerity and the Labour Assembly Against Austerity.
  • For Socialism, Labour & Ireland - James Connolly's ideas today

    James Connolly was an Irish republican, socialist & trade union leader, who was one of the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising & a vocal opponent of World War 1. Find out why his ideas continue to inspire today, as prospects for real change grow in Ireland and the global capitalist economic crisis deepens.With Jim McVeigh of the Áras Uí Chonghaile | James Connolly Visitor Centre. Jim is a former Sinn Fein councillor and trade union organiser involved in the troubles as a young man and released from jail as part of the Good Friday Agreement. A Labour Outlook Forum supported by Arise: A Festival of Left Ideas. This episode contains some brief strong language.
  • What's In & Out of Labour's Agenda? National Policy Forum Reportback

    From 21st-23rd July, Labour’s National Policy Forum (NPF) met in private to discuss policies and plans for government. But what's decided? Hear from NPF reps and leading movement figures on what really happened, what it shows we can expect from Labour in government, and to discuss our next steps.With reports from NPF members: Jess Barnard; Mish Rahman; Chloe Hopkins; Rachel Garnham, Campaign for Labour Party Democracy; Johnathan Farr, Disability Labour; and Jack Ballingham; plus: John McDonnell MP & Andrew Fisher, former Director of Policy of the Labour Party.The NPF Grassroots Reps report-back was hosted by Arise - A Festival of Left Ideas, Momentum, the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, the Labour Assembly Against Austerity and Labour Hub.Intro music for the Arise Festival Podcast - "Which Side Are You On" by Sam Browse.Show less
  • How We Save Our NHS

    Over a decade of cuts, back-door privatisation and marketisation has crippled our NHS, with the Tories' austerity agenda costing hundreds of thousands of lives in the process. This discussion hears from health campaigners fighting to end profiteering in our health service and demand investment, fair pay for all NHS staff, and a service ran for patient care - not private profit. With... Kate Osborne MPAndrew Meyerson, Striking Junior DoctorTony O'Sullivan, Keep Our NHS PublicMark Ladbrooke, Socialist Health AssociationCharli Anne, Campaign for Real CareJess Barnard, Labour NEC members' representativeThis policy seminar was hosted by the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs, the Labour Assembly Against Austerity and Momentum - and supported by Arise: A Festival Of Left Ideas.Intro music for the Arise Festival Podcast - "Which Side Are You On" by Sam Browse.
  • Strike back against the Tories & profiteers | Fight for a socialist future

    Tune in to the closing rally of Arise Festival 2023 with...Rebecca Long Bailey MP // Jess Barnard // John McDonnell MP // Holly Turner, NHS Workers Say No // Beth Winter MP // Sarah Woolley, BFAWU // Matt Willgress, Arise // Kate Dove, Momentum // Emma Rose, National Education Union // James Braithwaite, RMT Young Members Network // Zac Vallely, PCS Young memberAnd from Socialist Future: Labour Students National Committee members Alex Charilaou, Libs Olley and Josh Freestone - plus Young Labour Committee member Fraser McGuire. Support workers & young people striking for a better future for us all - & a socialist future that puts public need before corporate greed.Closing rally of Arise - An Online Festival of Left Ideas 2023, in association with Socialist Future in Young Labour & Labour Students.
  • A World To Win | Jeremy Corbyn & Global Guests!

    Join the discussion on a World to Win with Jeremy Corbyn and international guests including...Aline Piva, Progressive International // Walter Baier, President of the Party of the European Left // Gabriel Mocho Rodríguez, International Transport Workers' Federation // Francesca Emanuele, Peruvian democracy campaigner & Center for Economic & Policy Research (CEPR) // Jawad Moustakbal, Committee for the Abolition of Illegitimate Debt (CADTM) Secretary & ATTAC member, Morocco.Part of Arise: An Online Festival of Left Ideas 2023 in association with the Peace & Justice Project. You can view all Arise Festival 2023 sessions here: Whilst all our sessions are streamed for free, please consider donating to help us cover the costs of hosting our people-powered political festival: music for the Arise Festival Podcast - "Which Side Are You On" by Sam Browse.