Apex City


Hindsight 1 - The Future Soon

Season 2020, Ep. 2

Apex City, 2067 - Things are very different. A long time ago, the world fell into darkness - nobody quite remembers exactly how it happened. Maybe the signs had been there for years. Axiom went bad - raided the COPI headquarters and outed every powered hero and villain in North America. Declared himself a king.

Or maybe it started before that, when the Hacking Death spread through the adult population, infecting their nervous systems with nanomachines and turning them into machines to be controlled by any two-bit tech criminal with a wifi connection.

Or maybe it was when Horus blew a hole in the moon. The ecological damage was severe and...

I suppose it doesn't matter anymore. All that matters is what we do now. Where we go from here. And maybe, just maybe, if we can figure out where it all went wrong... we can fix it.

This episode features the talents of:

Erik @primefactorx01

as Daybreak, the Innocent;

Nick @rfencounters

as Horsehead, the Transformed;

Maq @maquekenzie

as Petrine, the Newborn;


Evan @NamesEquipped of @RollOutPodcast

as Hextinction, the Scion!