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Ceremony of Life, With Lisa-Marie Walker

Season 1, Ep. 10

Lisa-Marie is a very special woman who is deeply loved in the communities she is a part of. She truly lives in service and has a heart that is for the people. Im so glad to have sat down and got to know her more.. I look very forward to being in ceremony with her more in the future.

In this chat we learn of her much! Including her entry into the role of Celebrant and ceremony/ritual facilitator, the importance of each grain of sand on the beach, the inspiration we give and receive by being, surrendering to and learning through regret, the principles and components of ritual or ceremony, the cycles of death and rebirth in relation to ceremony, and finding culture or tradition as a white settler in North America... Among much else!

Lisa-Marie is truly an inspiration to me, and I learn so much from her each time I get the chance to share space... I encourage you to reach out and get connected!


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  • 1. So Grateful for Simon!

    There is no one i would rather host in my first podcast episode! Simon Calnan is so kind and insightful, one of those people whos presence is part of his medicine.  We uncouver some real gold nuggets through exploring Simons experiences, starting from leaving home while being chronically sick. We go over the classic mind over matter, the gifts that discomfort brings, miracle healing, the circular nature our our paths and how selfishness can translate into selflessness!  Please explore Simons social media and website so you can get connected and find out about his offerings! I really look up to this man in many ways, he has so much to offer the world and he is doing so ever increasingly!  Instagram: Website:
  • 2. The Sweetest Rose

    Rose is a fully embodied herbalist whose whole life has been focused on the healing properties of herbs. We get to hear about her start as a young girl picking herbs an medicines with her family, as well as some of the trials that she faced during the process of learning. Her passion is obvious and i have often visited her store, Lotus Herbal Health, just to check in and chat about what is new on her radar and in her world. Our talk on herbs and healings transitions beautifully into the fundamental beauty of life, the ownership we can take in conflict, and the realizations that she has had over the course of her decades in service to others. Do yourself a favor and get to know this amazing woman! Her store is located in Calgary Alberta and she often hosts workshops ranging from creating fermented foods, chocolateering, psylocibin awareness and many many more topics.  Instagram - @lotusherbal
  • 3. Pleasure, chatting with Zahara Devi

    I am so grateful to have been able to record this conversation with Zahara! She has so much knowledge in so many areas and is able to speak from the heart while she shares it. I learn a lot every time i talk to her, as when we talk it is often not about the weather! She is so able to dive deep into conversations that are often had behind closed doors.  I take this opportunity to prompt Zahara to share her insights into the world of sexuality. She shares how money is related to our sexuality, the importance of relaxation within making love, honoring our internal yes' or no's, shares knowledge of the sexual assalt trauma response, and shares a great saying that i won't forget; trauma is not the issue, it lives in the tissue.  Enjoy the talk! And please do yourself a favor and reach out to Zahara and take advantage of this masters facilitation and coaching!  Website - Instagram - @zaharaxdevi Facebook - Zaharadevi
  • 4. MY QI, YOQI, with Marisa!

    Man i got so much inspiration through the conversation i shared with this Qigong legend! Marisa Cranfill has been practicing energetic movement and stillness through yoga, qi gong and martial arts for a long time, and has developed her own style and school, Yoqi!  We talked about Marisa's youth spent in Asia, the benefit of letting go to connect, some of Marisa's training with nuns and monks, cultivating our senses, the 6 phases that energy can move through within us, spirit houses and thai shamanism and harmonizing with nature and mother earth! And lots more. And i would have loved to keep recording! Marisa is a wealth of knowledge, check out her offerings!  Websites - ig - @yoqi.yogaqigong
  • 5. Surfing the Breathwaves with Robin

    I am very grateful for all the in person and conversational experience I have shared with Robin Clements. I was lucky enough to walk the path towards Breathwave, a consciously connected breath pattern that is facilitated and experienced in ceremony. Robin is a shining light in the breah community and anyone who takes his training tends to agree!  We talked about all sorts of things including the initiation of parenthood, surrendering expectation, hwo he found the breath in Mexico, understanding breathing patterns and how they arise, being too attached to beliefs, the compassionate warrior, and finishing up with messages from Robin to the masculine and feminine in all of us. Such a beautfully inspired conversation.  Robins website : Instagram : @robin.breathwave
  • 6. Following the Shifts With Malcolm Saunders

    Malcolm Saunders is one of those special people who is truly a pillar of community! His love and passion radiates out from all he produces, and all who visit the Light Cellar know exactly what i mean!  We talk about his intro into the world of natural medicines, cheap and quick vs healthy and fulfilling foods, harmonizing the inuition and the rational, his intelligent eating approach in Food S.C.O.P.E, we learn about his journey and commitment on his spiritual path, making the shift into business and what it means to Malcolm to align to purpose! I got a ton out of this talk and was excited to listen back to it. Reach out to Malcolm and check out the website for so many amazing offerings!  Website - +Link to the medicinal mushroom symposium is under live classes and events+ IG - @ themalchemist IG - @ lightcellar Facebook - The Light Cellar Look out for Malcolm newest book! Chocolate Life: The Alchemy of Cacao for Flavor, Function and Feeling   
  • 7. Molly Wilder Than Ever

    Since I heard Molly speak on her first podcast I have wanted to share a conversation with her! This has finally happened and I am able to share it with you!  This young lady is incredibly inspiring and is so committed to her medicines and helping others. It was an honor to be able to talk with her while she was in her last trimester carrying her first child!  We talk about a lot of wonderful things, including; the magic of being ourselves, the power of imagination, the relatability of Harry Potter and the strong feminine characters within, Molly shares some of the emotions she has personally been working with, we talk about some of our favorite medicines, and finally we get to hear what Molly feels would be one of the best thigns for us all to focus on so that we may live in harmony.  Mollys links instagram - mollyjwilder Website - Podcast - The Wilder Podcast - Molly J. Wilder Also find her on the app, Insight Timer
  • 8. Allan Fradsham Stars in, "Dad ya did me dirty"

    I have been so lucky to be close to this man over the last few years and been able to learn from his breadth of knowledge groudned in love. Dr. Allan practices TCM in a beautiful way and has even just written his first book on a facet of the subject. Really glad we got to record this episode in person!  We talk about a variety of topics including why Dr. A practices and trains martial arts as the warrior archetype, the flow state and its relation to fight or flight, a Course in Miracles and some things it has given Dr. A,the importance of forgiveness and power if gratitude, recognizing how our emotions can take us for a ride through dino-opoly, learning to accept death to truly live, meeting people where they are at, and then finally we talk about chinese medicine a little!   
  • 9. Don't Vote For Toni Nagy! But We Should

    Really stoked to have talked to the incredibly comedian Toni Nagy! She's a lot of fun to chat with and in inspiring in a whole lot of ways..  We get into all sorts of things like the potential for comedy to be a call to action, radical self acceptance, the magic of mediocrity, the uncontained nature of art and going with the flow, the realization that nothing matters and that is okay, and get seri-ish sharing how we can live for those who no longer do.  Toni is on all the socials at some version of @ToniNagy and some of her comedy can be found at