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Ceremony of Life, With Lisa-Marie Walker

Season 1, Ep. 10

Lisa-Marie is a very special woman who is deeply loved in the communities she is a part of. She truly lives in service and has a heart that is for the people. Im so glad to have sat down and got to know her more.. I look very forward to being in ceremony with her more in the future.

In this chat we learn of her much! Including her entry into the role of Celebrant and ceremony/ritual facilitator, the importance of each grain of sand on the beach, the inspiration we give and receive by being, surrendering to and learning through regret, the principles and components of ritual or ceremony, the cycles of death and rebirth in relation to ceremony, and finding culture or tradition as a white settler in North America... Among much else!

Lisa-Marie is truly an inspiration to me, and I learn so much from her each time I get the chance to share space... I encourage you to reach out and get connected!


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