Anything but Footy


Brum's the word with Kukri Sports: Gemma Richardson, Lewis Richardson & Lucy Renshall

Season 2, Ep. 11

We're literally counting the hours now aren't we? Birmingham 2022 is here and if you've been with us throughout our 10 week countdown - thanks for listening to Anything but Footy's Brum's the word with Kukri Sports - the only podcast building up to the Games! If you're just joining - lots to go back and listen too!

In this episode, a focus on fighting - Boxing and Judo! We meet the Richardson's of Team England & GB Boxing - Gemma & Lewis - they're not related! And Lucy Renshall won't tell you but she's only the current world number one in Judo!

There's the rest of the 'News from the Games' - athletics, squash, netball - and who's hungry like the wolf for the Opening Ceremony? And while listening, also explore the full range of official Team England merchandise at If you use the code 'ABF2022' you'll save 10%!

Listen and follow 'Anything but Footy' as we countdown to the Commonwealth Games - and there's more tomorrow! See you then!

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