Anything but Footy


Brum's the word: Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games 4

Season 2, Ep. 17

That's it - what a games! Birmingham 2022 we salute you!

Australia may have come out on top, but Team England the the country's second city has done the us proud and massive moments to celebrate to for Team Scotland and the island of Guernsey too!

In this round up episode we have gold, silver and bronze medalists - England women's hockey, Keely Hodgkinson, Jake Wightman, Jack Laugher, Matty Lee and Noah Williams, Shanice Beckford-Norton and we talk the future of sports like swimming and basketball and why they can make a difference to the whole of the UK!

Thank you Birmingham, thank Commonwealths - that's #Brumstheword from Anything but Footy - but we'll be back soon as yet another footy season has kicked off this weekend!

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