Anything but Footy


#18 Great British Bosses: Jane Nickerson, Swim England

This is Great British Bosses from Anything but Footy - the series where we profile the men and women responsibly for running sport in this country - from grassroots participation to those medal moments at Commonwealth, Olympic, Paralympic and elite level.

Jane Nickerson is the CEO of Swim England - the national governing body for swimming. It's a sport with more than 4 million people taking to the pool every month before the coronavirus lockdown of 2020. As restrictions were eased in early summer, with shops restaurants and pubs reopening, swimmers remained locked out of their facilities before a highly successful media campaign, led by Jane and her team, changed minds and priorities. But still the challenges remain with only 20% of swimming pools having re-opened and the future for leisure centres and clubs looking bleak. Jane also reveals she's yet to get a swim herself!

It's undoubtably a worrying time as we also hear her fears that we could lose a generation of children to swimming as "this pandemic will be the next big excuse, not to take them to the pool."

But have a listen to Jane's story - from working in hotels to running this huge organisation - an inspiration for all!

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