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The Inspirational Music Experience Episode

Season 5, Ep. 9

In this epiisode I'm joined by Blu Lucas and Nadja Scott from the Inspirational Music Experience event that occured during the 2022 Stellar Awards Week. We talk about the event and the music they performed at the event. We also get into Blu's transition from being a musician to being a musician/artist, Nadja's choir and how they got their unique name, her female choir director influences, and how her Total Praise remix got validation from the legend Richard Smallwood. Also featuring music from Korey Dewight and Josh Copeland and more!

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  • The Indie Artist Spotlight Episode 6.0

    To kick off season 6 The Beard Sisters joined me to talk about their new single, what they like the most and the least about working with their sisters, their musical influences and more! Also featuring new music from Precious J, and music from Blu Lucas and Music and Jason Hendrickson
  • 13. The Christmas Episode 5.0

    Tiffany Binion Mangum joins me for out annual holiday music episode. We talk about her new holiday single "Joy" and also get into her opportunity to work with gospel legend Fred Hammond, how she created her own weekly radio show, how she's been able to become a veteran in music, and more! Also featuring new holiday music from Jason Hendrickson, Ausha, Daphney Hilton, and Precious J
  • 12. The Thankful Episode 5.0

    This is the annual episode where you get some thankful themed music to help you get ready to celebrate the holiday. Featuring music from Ted Winn & Balance, Miichael Lampkin, Calandra Gantt, Jason Hendrickson, New Day Praise, and Jules Bartholemew and Juda Camp
  • 11. The Power To The People Episode 2.0

    In this episode we're talking all things concerning disability rights with LA based advocate Leroy Moore. We get into how his organization, Krip Hop Nation, name is based off of the same name of the notorious LA gang The Crips, his documentary "Where is Hope" that deals with police brutality against people with disabilities, and more! Also featuring politically conscious music from David Castro, JJ Rolle, and Groov ft. Raheem Kashon
  • 10. The NBA Season Preview Episode 2.0

    We're back talking hoops this episode! We're previewing the 2022-2023 NBA Season. Darnell Sallins of the Playmakers Sports Network joins me to talk all things Orlando Magic and Miami Heat. The 1st Lady of Sports Rachel Hill from the Her in the Huddle Radio Show joins me to talk all things Cleveland Cavs. And of course we talk all things Brooklyn Nets and NY Knicks with the head of the Triple Threat Organization Lance Jackson.
  • 8. The Hip Hop Episode 2.0

    We're talking old school and new school hip hop in this episode. Hip-hop legend Dr. Dre of Yo MTV Raps joined me to talk about how he got into deejaying, the purpose of the Yo MTV Rap show, his current work for people with disabilities through his foundation, and more! I also talked new school hip hop with T3mpo Tai how NY hip hop influenced his music, his yet to be released single Pretty Boy, and how his prison experience caused him to want to do prison reform work. Also featuring music from Bumpy 103, MOG the Real, and Andy Mineo
  • 7. The New Music Spotlight Episode 4.0

    E. Lorraine Williams joins me for this episode to talk about her single "It's A New Day". We also get into her favorite memories of work gospel legend the late Rev. Timothy Wright and his son Pastor David Wright, what we can look for in her new project, and more! Gabriel Tyus also joined me to talk about Stellar Awards week, his team's event for indie artists The Inspirational Music Experience, how artists can be a part of it, and more! Also featuring new music from Jarell Wilcoxson Kori De'Wight and music from the group DNA
  • 6. The Date Night Episode 4.0

    We're focusing on music for when your spending time with that special someone in this episode. Kimiesha Jones joins me to talk about her new single "Tell Me Lies". We get into her transition from gospel to R&B music, what she had to do to find her sound in R&B, how she wrote a song about something she's never experienced, and more! Also featuring music from Sed Marsh, Diamond Elyse, Christine Nguyen, B. Morgan, and Jessica Jolia