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Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Matt Walsh (Re-release)

In this flashback episode, Matt Walsh [Veep, Ted, Into the Storm] talks with Anna about getting his start in Chicago, revisiting VEEP on his podcast, Second in Command, what it really means to be a struggling actor, helpful and unhelpful career advice, early relationships, heartbreak, meeting his wife and more. 

Matt and Anna then talk with Julie, who has had several friends and romantic partners accuse her of ghosting them and questions whether she did anything wrong. Next, they talk with Isabelle, who is engaged to a man whose political views conflict with her own to the extent that she fears for their relationship. 

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  • Kaitlyn Bristowe (Re-release)

    In this flashback episode, Kaitlyn Bristowe [The Bachelor Season 19, The Bachelorette Season 11, Dancing with the Stars seasons 17 and 18] describes what it’s like behind the scenes of Anna’s favorite series, the public pressure on a relationship after The Bachelorette, starting over after a break-up, getting engaged, planning a wedding, and much more. Today’s caller Kelsie wants to be a mother and is exploring how to make it happen on her own terms. To hear more from Kaitlyn, check out her podcast Off The Vine, available wherever you get your podcasts.
  • Alison Brie (Re-release)

    In this flashback episode, Anna gets a return visit from Alison Brie [Community, Glow, Mad Men]! Alison talks with Anna about women in Hollywood, good and bad relationships, hooking up with her husband (Dave Franco), her first movie, her latest movie Somebody I Used to Know and a lot more.
  • Ed Helms (Re-release)

    Ed Helms [The Hangover, The Office, The Daily Show] tells Anna the story of Able Archer 83 from his podcast SNAFU which, in Ed’s words, focuses on history’s greatest screw-ups. We also hear about Ed’s high school experience, early relationships, alternate career paths, the benefits of therapy, Bob Dylan’s authenticity, and a lot more. Today’s caller Amanda returns to the show after having called in 2 years prior. Now divorced, Amanda faces a new challenge… co-parenting.
  • Dominic Monaghan (Re-release)

    Dominic Monaghan [The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Lost, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker] talks with Anna about the first time they met, his passion for nature, irrational fears, his chance meeting with a chambered nautilus, recovering from a painful break-up, actors he admires, his more recent projects, and much more!First to call in today is René who has always felt that she was asexual. Now, seven years after marrying the first man she ever kissed, René doesn’t know how to talk with her husband about sex. Next, we hear from Alex who had a brief but intense relationship with a man who lives in another city. Now, Alex has a plane ticket in hand but wonders if the man feels the same way that he does.
  • Ricki Lake (Re-release)

    This flashback episode features talk show legend Ricki Lake. Ricki talks with Anna about overcoming past traumas, the idea of home, her podcast Raised by Ricki, trying to fix people, being cast in Hairspray and a lot more.Today’s first call is with Steven who at age 16 moved from Haiti to the United States with only his little brother. Now, 12 years later, their mother will finally be joining them, but they can’t agree on who she should live with. Next to call in is Shannon who is 8 months pregnant and single after her boyfriend had an affair. Now her ex wants to attend the child’s birth and expresses regret for leaving despite now living with the other woman. 
  • Julie Bowen (Re-release)

    In this flashback episode, Julie Bowen [Modern Family, Ed, Hubie Halloween, Happy Gilmore] talks with Anna about female rivalry, the pressure to be sexy, underwear, an audition reminiscent of Basic Instinct, marriage, divorce, people who are too good looking, Julie’s podcast Quitters, and much more.Today’s first call is with Jordan who introduced a friend to his crush which unfortunately resulted in them falling for each other. Now Jordan is wondering how to process this new dynamic while keeping both of his friendships.Next to call in is Sarah who is getting close to her wedding date but considering eloping after her father issued an ultimatum involving her guest list.
  • Dylan O'Brien (Re-release)

    Dylan O’Brien [Teen Wolf, The Maze Runner, Love and Monsters, The Outfit] guests in this flashback episode of Unqualified. Dylan talks with Anna about getting fired from his first job, getting into acting, early crushes, his dealbreakers and a lot more.Today’s first caller is Melanie, who after a personally difficult year, felt that one of her closest friends wasn’t there for her. Now she’s wondering if expressing her feelings would help mend or further hurt their relationship. Next up is Michelle, whose truck driving husband is convinced that she’s cheating on him, leaving Michelle questioning the strength of their marriage.
  • Gina Rodriguez (Re-release)

    In this flashback episode, Gina Rodriguez [Jane the Virgin, Diary of a Future President, I Want You Back] talks with Anna about perseverance, what defines “home”, Puerto Rican identity (and food), abusive relationships, meeting her husband (and inviting him home to shower), and a lot more.Our Unqualified segment begins with a call from Alli, who wants to take her 75-year-old father on his dream trip to Ireland, but fears that his health might not be up for the challenge. Next, Anna and Gina talk with Alex who feels discouraged when comparing the timeline of her single life to those of her friends who are all getting married and having kids.
  • Alyssa Milano (Re-release)

    In this flashback episode, Alyssa Milano [Charmed, Melrose Place, Who’s the Boss?, Mistresses, Insatiable] talks with Anna about her book 'Sorry Not Sorry', activism, heartache, relationships, perseverance, and more. Alyssa and Anna then talk with Peter who wonders if he might be looking for love in all the wrong places. Next, they talk with Vanessa who has found the love of her life, but her hostile mother-in-law seems intent on proving otherwise.