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EP43: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Season 1, Ep. 43

In which Cass & Alex discuss Puella Magi Madoka Magica, directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and Yukihiro Miyamoto and produced by Shaft.

Next month we will be discussing Night on the Galactic Railroad directed by Gisaburo Sugii and produced by Group TAC.

Discussed: we fucked up, a subtle textural difference, yu gi oh beds, getting genied, She entered the Home of Phobia and wasn't even scared, saya no uta, "Madoka Magica Writer Urobochi Compares Plot to Al-Quaeda", the visceral horror of discovering that your soul is in an egg, the gospel according to dad, the free marketplace of ideas, inductive reasoning, the last refuge of the scoundrel, straight women tiktok, the most powerful energy source in the universe: teen girls, dying for the sake of the universe, livestock, what's really going on, foreshadowing, a song about cake and fruit


Walking Around 3/5

Fellowship 5/5

Deliciousness 3/5

Transcendence 5/5

Goofing 3/5

Amelioration 5/5

Coitus 2/5

Enthrallment 5/5

Evil Cats: infinity/5

Homosexuality: 5/5

Alex's Book Recommendation: Kindred by Octavia E Butler

Cass's Book Recommendation: The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs


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EP44: Night on the Galactic Railroad

Season 1, Ep. 44
In which Cass & Alex discuss Night on the Galactic Railroad directed by Gisaburo Sugii and produced by Group TAC.Next month we will be discussing Spirited Away, directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli. Discussed: a pure vibes performance, normal winnie the pooh: stuff happens, fancy winnie the pooh: events occur, esperanto, yellow magic orchestra, cats with dogs, the onceler (NOT HORNY), gerry, gus van sant, the polar express, spirited away, the secret of nimh, the black cauldron, the last unicorn, the neverending story, walnuts, flattened herons, inside birdcatcher baseball, dreamfeel, witnessing corn, mode 7, a scorpion who's a menace to society, the true heaven, the coalsack nebula, the discovery that the milky way was but one of many galaxies was made by hubble in 1929 (right around the time this book was published)FINAL SCORES:Walking Around 5/5Fellowship 5/5Deliciousness 3/5Transcendence 5/5Goofing 1/5Amelioration -5/-5Coitus 0/5Enthrallment 5/5Walnuts: 1.2 million/5Trains: 5/5Alex's Book Recommendation: Kindred by Octavia E ButlerCass's Book Recommendation: SORRYSocial:Show Twitter: @animeisforjerksShow Mastodon: @animeisforjerks@skeleton.coolShow Cohost: @animeisforjerksShow Email: animeisforjerks@gmail.comCass's Twitter: @prophet_goddessCass's Mastodon: @prophet_goddess@skeleton.coolCass's Cohost: @prophet-goddessAlex's Twitter: @dunndunndunnAlex's Mastodon: @catalina@selfy.armyAlex's Cohost: @catalina