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Episode 22: Peter Bainbridge-Clayton in conversation with Stephen Platt

Season 1, Ep. 22
Since co-founding the organisation back in 2012, Peter Bainbridge-Clayton has overseen the implementation of kompany’s proprietary global live network, which offers users real-time access to official and audit-proof information for regulated and unregulated industries. He is a true blockchain and AI enthusiast with a varied background in high throughput telecoms and government systems, including leading the redesign and implementation of the UK Government Business Register, Companies House.Peter has spent all his working life in various IT and scientific projects after teaching himself programming on a Commodore PET at the age of 11. His productive pursuits followed during and after his BSc. in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Physics from St. Andrews University: In a career which has spanned among many several others between designing and developing embedded control systems for bakeries, the world’s first ever implementation of a distributed java application in a manufacturing environment, the first ever implementation of SMS based content services and vending machine payment in telecommunications; the conversion of one of the first software-based telecommunications switches to European standards – including the world’s first transatlantic SIP-based telephone call – or the complete re-design and implementation of the core system for Companies House, the UK’s official company registry