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The Journey To Find Your True Self with Luna Maez

Season 1, Ep. 33

Have you ever felt like you were not living your true life or like your true self was hidden somewhere inside your body but you couldn’t access it? Then this episode is definitely for you!

Today’s guest, Melissa Luna Maez, will tell us how the decision to not using anymore her first name Melissa, and embracing her second name Luna, changed her life for the better and brought her toward the journey to find her true self. 

Luna is a healer, an inventor, and a writer. She's also a massage therapist. Her goal in life is to help other people finding their true selves and living their best life. 

Tune in to Episode 33 to learn how Luna found out she was a healer and why she decided to retreat from society to find her true self!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What was the trigger for you to change your name from Mellissa to Luna? (5.05)
  • When did the healer come about in your life? (7.56)
  • How did you understand you were able to build tiny houses? (25.04)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Luna understood that she was a healer. (8.10)
  • What Luna did to find the connection with her true self. (18.35)
  • How a heart attack pushed Luna to change her lifestyle. (25.04)

Connect with Luna Maez: 

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Strengthening the LGBTQ Community with Nathalie Huerta

Ep. 32
Are you or the people in your life in the LGBTQ community?Today’s episode I am joined by an incredible woman, Nathalie Huerta. Nathalie is the daughter of Mexican immigrants, one of 10 children, and was raised in California. Nathalie has always loved athletics and was a collegiate basketball player at Dominican University. After undergraduate, she went on to get her MBA at the University of San Francisco and went through the Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative Fellowship Program at Stanford University. Nathalie is now the owner of the first dedicated LGBTQ gym in the country, The Queer Gym.Nathalie and I talk about her experience coming out to her Mexican Catholic family and her journey to starting the first dedicated LGBTQ gym in the country, The Queer Gym. Her story will give you a glimpse into the struggles that the LGBTQ community experience and will help you become a better ally for those that are queer in your life.Tune in to Episode 32 to learn about Nathalie’s experience as a queer Latina and how she is continuing to help her community!In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Nathalie’s upbringing with Mexican immigrant parents (7:30)How Nathalie came out to her family (12:36)About Nathalie’s family business and its influence on her business (17:55)The why behind The Queer Gym (34:13)About the importance of mindset (45:30)Nathalie’s advice for Latinas to handle their shit (48:00)Connect with Nathalie Huerta:WebsiteThe Queer Gym InstagramFacebookNathalie’s InstagramLinkedInLet’s Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne websiteHow To Handle Your Shit Amiga & Have a Better Life! - Free masterclass

Let's Talk Construction with Anna Sauceda

Season 1, Ep. 31
It’s undeniable, women have always had to fight more than men to prove and establish themselves, to show they can bring that same (and sometimes even better) value to society as their male counterparts. In the past decades, women broke numerous glass ceilings and showed the world their righteous place in the workforce. However, even today, there are still a lot of areas that are dominated by men. Women keep feeling discouraged to pursue certain kinds of careers and to express and show their real expertise. If you recognize yourself in this statement, then you’ve found this episode for a reason.Today’s guest Anna Sauceda, a businesswoman with a career spanning over three decades in very different roles, will tell us how she was able to stay true to herself and at the same time break a lot of glass ceilings and establish herself as a woman in the workplace. Anna lived her life following her desire to serve people and their communities, a value and principle that guided her throughout all her life.Anna Sauceda taught for six years preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. She was then sought out by the East LA YMCA to develop child care programs, which led her to be selected as the first Latina in California to become an executive of a YMCA. After 10 years of service at the YMCA, she was then recruited by Telacu to become vice president of the Telacu foundation. Her expertise in fundraising and program management propelled the foundation to new heights for the next five years. In 2005. Anna and her husband Darrell made the decision to open their own construction company ACS group, better known as the Associated Construction Services group.Tune in to Episode 31 to learn how Anna broke a lot of glass ceilings, how she showed her true value to men staying true to herself, and how faith guided her throughout her career.Some Questions I Ask:Where did you grow up? (4.44)How did you continue to level to new positions at the YMCA? (12.14)How is it like to work in a field dominated mostly by men? (32.13)In This Episode You Will Learn :How Anna became the second woman in the country to be an executive director of the East Los Angeles YMCA. (12.20)Why Anna and her husband Darrell decided to open a construction company together. (18.29)What it is like for Anna to work in a field dominated by men. (32.23)Connect with Anna:ACS ConstructionInstagramTelacu FoundationLet’s Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne websiteHow To Handle Your Shit Amiga & Have a Better Life! - Free masterclass

Trust and Surrender to Find the Magic

Ep. 30
Life is too short for tunnel visions, and if we open our eyes and our minds to all the possibilities in front of us, we can begin to see the unlimited magic that we all have inside.Today’s episode is a bit different than what you’re used to. I’m spicing it up by getting in the guest’s seat! And I thought, who other than my dear friend, Ashley Gonor, would be better to interview me? She’s the host of her own podcast, Uncover Your Magic, and she’s got a natural way of leading inspiring conversations. I’m telling you, Amigas, you’re in for a treat!We talk a little bit about my journey of being a lawyer more than I had set out for myself when I started, how personal development courses taught me to trust my inner spirit and let it lead the way, and how we can find magic in everything that surrounds us if we change the way we look at things.Tune in to Episode 30 to learn that you have the potential to become whoever you desire. We’re not short on tips either on how to handle your shit - they’re sprinkled throughout the entire episode, so pay attention!In This Episode, You Will Learn:When the student is ready, the teacher appears. It’s never too late to bring magic into your life. (04:49)A tunnel vision limits your possibilities. (12:30)Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is so empowering. (16:20)When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change (24:44)Why I decided to start the Amiga, Handle Your Shit podcast and the hidden magic behind it. (31:33)Trust and follow your intuition, even if you don’t know where it takes you. (42:16)Life is unlimited and we can do, be, or have anything we want. (48:18)My tips for you, Amigas, to handle your shit. (50:32)Connect with Ashley:WebsiteFacebookInstagramRaising Confidence Free MasterclassUncover Your Magic PodcastLet’s Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne websiteHow To Handle Your Shit Amiga & Have a Better Life! - Free masterclass